Tutorial for Organizing the Garage with a Pegboard Storage Wall..

Tutorial for DIY Narrow Pegboard Storage Wall {The Creativity Exchange}
DIY Garage Pegboard Storage Wall. Cool Pegboard Storage Pieces. {The Creativity Exchange}


On Wednesday, I shared our garage pegboard storage wall project and I promised I would be back today to share more details on how the storage wall was built.  If I knew more about creating plans online for download, I would love to be able to do an exact plan but I have no clue where/how to begin to do that.  But really, this design is so easy and basic, you will see that really no plan is really needed and this is a great solution for organizing the garage by maximizing the wall.

So let me show you the before picture first.  This is my ugly garage wall before hand:


DIY Garage Pegboard Storage Wall with Step by Step. {The Creativity Exchange}


This wall is pretty long and measures 12 feet from the side trim of the door (on the left) to the right corner where all the paint is stacked up. The height of the ceiling is 8 feet. Because I didn’t want the sides of this piece to go right against the door trim or the corner, we allowed a small wall clearance space of 4 inches on both sides.


Tutorial for DIY Pegboard Storage Wall Frame {The Creativity Exchange}

So with that said, the exact measurement of our pegboard wall unit is 8′ (height) x 11.2′ (width) x 5.5″ (depth). Yes! Only 5.5″ in depth! Because a 1 x 6 is really 5.5″, we based the whole wall design off of the 1 x 6’s as you’ll see in a minute.  So, if you have a very tight fit in your garage like we do with our cars, you can still have awesome storage along the wall because all you need is 5.5″!

Ok, even better is that this project was very cheap to do. I think total basic material cost was under $200.00 when all was said and done (not including all of the pegs).  As you read through our plan, you can see that there is really not a lot to this and it can be done very quickly. This plan could be adapted to any size or any area in your home.

As you can see in this first image below, we started with a basic frame using 1 x 6 white pine.  What you cannot see is the 1 x 2 piece underneath the bottom shelf that served as our base that was nailed at the studs and is holding up the 1 x 6 shelf:


DIY Garage Pegboard Storage Wall. Step by Step {The Creativity Exchange}


After the 1 x 2 went up, the 1 x 6 shelf went up and was nailed to the 1 x 2 and then the sides went up and the sides were nailed into the 1 x 6 bottom shelf.

Next, we used two standard 4 x 8 pegboard panels from Home Depot.  One of the pegboard panels had to be cut because we only needed 3′ of the 8′.  On the wall on the inside of the frame, a 1 x 2 was nailed up right next to the frame sides, bottom shelf and where the top of the panel would be.   Another 1 x 2 strip went down the center (to keep the pegboard from pushing inward in the center) and another 1 x 2 strip went down along the wall where the two panels (seam) met about 3′ from the left side frame (again, to keep the board from pushing inward when used).

The pegboard was then nailed to all of the 1 x 2’s and the top shelf (another 1 x 6) went up and was nailed to the 1 x 2 along the top edge of the pegboard.  Of course the sides were then nailed to the 1 x2’s and the shelves:

Tutorial for DIY Pegboard Storage Wall {The Creativity Exchange}


Everywhere where you see the green in the image below is where there are 1 x 2’s behind the peg board and underneath the shelves:

DIY Pegboard Storage Wall Tutorial {The Creativity Exchange}

The reason for the 1 x 2’s behind the pegboard is to raise it away from the wall so the pegs can go all the way in.  I know you guys know that but I want to clarify just in case someone decides to take a “shortcut” and nail the pegboard to the wall.

After everything went up, the edges were caulked, the wall was painted (the whole garage actually) and all of the wood was primed and painted as well.  When you build a piece like this, caulking along the edges where the wood meets the wall (I think) makes all of the difference and really makes the piece look more built-in and clean.

After using the piece for awhile, I decided that I needed to add a 1 x 2 to the edge of the top shelf to serve as a lip for items on the top shelf.  I used my awesome RYOBI cordless drill under the top shelf to drill into and secure the 1 x 2:

RYOBI One + Lithium 18v Cordless Drill {DIY Pegboard Storage Wall} The Creativity Exchange





Remember as you look at this project that you can use a pegboard for storing almost anything.  If you missed my post of Wednesday talking about all of the cool new pegboard hooks on the market, you can find that post here.  If you are lucky to have a basement, this would work there as well.

I really hope I’ve explained all of the details clearly.  If something is not clear, please let me know in the comment section and I will respond and clarify there as well.

Before I close, I just want to send out a BIG thank you to the awesome RYOBI team for sharing my pegboard project with their fans on Facebook yesterday. So fun to see it pop up on my favorite page.  If you’re not following RYOBI on Facebook, you should because they are always running contests and offering discounts on all of the fabulous RYOBI tools.  You can find their page here.

Have a wonderful weekend friends!



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26 Responses to Tutorial for Organizing the Garage with a Pegboard Storage Wall..

  1. Looks fantastic. Such a great use of space. Easy to follow tutorial as well.

  2. Kelly says:

    Oh wow… this looks amazing! I am pinning and sending to my husband for our garage!

  3. Kelly says:

    Oh wow… this looks amazing! I am pinning and sending to my husband for our garage!

  4. Donna C. says:

    AMAZING! I saw the reveal earlier this week and was excited to see some of the how-to. What a great, organized space in such a tiny footprint. Love it & hope to do something similar at my house! Thank you! 🙂

    • Cyndy says:

      Awe, thank you so much Donna! I’m so glad that you like it and it was very surprisingly easy to do. Wish I would have done it years ago! Thank you so much for your kind words and stopping by!

  5. CYNDY! My eyes just popped out of my head when I saw this. It is amazing. And I love how everything is color coordinated. How did you figure out how many baskets and hooks that you needed? I need a tutorial on that. 🙂

    • Cyndy says:

      Hello there my sweet friend! They sell these bulk boxes of various sized hooks at Home Depot and after I started laying it out, I could see what additional pieces I would need. I then purchased the individual sizes when I saw what I was going to need. I’m so glad that you like it Big hugs and thank you so much for stopping by!

  6. Nanette says:

    I’ve been muddling a solution for our garage for months now and I think this is it! I did your cubical craft closet a week ago – loved it! I’m on a roll!

    • Cyndy says:

      LOL! This is music to my ears Nanette and glad that my projects are coming in handy for you! That cube thing has saved me and I can see that this garage wall will save me too! I’m slowly getting there! Thank you so much for stopping by!

  7. Maria says:

    Loved the garage pegboard storage idea. I have already purchased most of the items to begin my own! Yay!
    Can you tell me the total number of 1×6 and 1×2 boards you used to complete your project? Also, did I see three 1×6 (12 feet long) there?
    Thanks, as I always enjoy seeing and reading about your projects!
    I have learned so much about spray paint that I never knew, and have used many of your ideas. Thanks again, and so happy that you are a local. 🙂

    • Cyndy says:

      Thank you so much for your kind words! I’m so glad to hear that you are learning so much about spray painting! Oh yea!! It looks like we used five 1 x 6’s (You’ll have a little extra for your brace piece at the bottom) and three 1 x 2. It’s hard to see in the pic but there is a 1 x 2 lip on the top shelf to keep things from sliding off. There are no 1 x 2’s along the side because it doesn’t need it. Hope that helps!

  8. Jessica Dingledy says:

    Did you spray paint the peg board gray or did you roll it? I’m currently rolling a bookshelf that has the little holes in it and paint is getting stuck in the holes, which looks sloppy. But because they are so large, I found it would be cheaper to roll than use spray paint. Any painting tricks to share?

  9. Maria Abner says:

    I really enjoyed the garage pegboard storage you did. My husband and I did this project this past weekend. I am almost finished, but would love to know where you found the gray & white chevron magnetic wall board that is shown on your pegboard? I have searched various sights, but haven’t found exactly the right one. Greatly appreciate The Creativity Exchange’s ideas and step-by-step instructions on all you do! Thanks

  10. Eileen says:

    Cyndy – I ABSOLUTELY ADORE your site. I get so excited when I see the emails that come from the creativity exchange. It inspires me to see all of your amazing ideas. Thanks so much!!

  11. Laura says:

    I love this! We don’t have a garage, but have a huge storage shed that is in need of some serious organization. I have been wanting to do pegboard for a while. You make it look so easy! We just bought the new Ryobi +One tools. I LOVE them!

  12. Jaime says:

    I’m so excited to use your garage pegboard plans! Our garage is so small that we’ve never tried to put our Subaru Outback inside–plus it’s stuffed right now. The wallboard instructions look easy enough and it looks to me the only plan that’ll fit our car. Thank you so much. Now I hope I won’t lose your instructions! Luvluvluv.

  13. Justin says:

    Looks great! What color did you paint the board and garage? Love how its kind of a grey beige.

  14. Erik says:

    Looks amazing!!! Where did you get the little storage bins for the screws at? Also where did you get the baskets at for the peg board? Thanks in advance.

  15. Susan Hubbard says:

    This is AWESOME!!! I a so doing this….thanks for the tutorial 🙂

  16. Rose says:

    This is incredible! My boyfriend and I are first time homeowners and have been racking our brains about what to do with our garage. It’s a 2 car garage, but like yours it’s really tight. We’re going to use your organization plans and do ours this weekend! Only problem is I can’t find the small hanging drawers from the Container Store. Help? Thanks again for the motivation!!

  17. Amy says:

    Cyndy, now that it has been more than a year since you’ve done the peg board project in your garage, would you do anything differently?

  18. DB says:

    How was the 1X2 piece underneath the bottom shelf nailed at the studs?

  19. Barbara Bozeman says:

    embarking on my own garage “reclamation project” Other than changing the “A” to a “B” for Barbara, your wall is precisely what I needed. Thanks for such clear and simple directions. Confident I can put this together with little issue.

  20. Eric says:

    Looks great! Odd question, how did you attach the 1×6 to the wall?

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