Most Popular Paint Projects and Color Palettes in 2013 {Paint It Monday}..

Favorite paint posts and paint palettes in 2013. {The Creativity Exchange}


With 2014 just around the corner, I thought I would take a look back and highlight the most popular paint projects and color palettes on The Creativity Exchange in 2013.  It’s always so interesting for me to look through my statistics and see what posts/projects were the most popular with readers.  It really helps me get to know you guys a little better.

One of the most popular color palette’s that I shared in 2013 was part of the Color Palette Monday series that I did early in the year.   This was a post where I shared a palette that I pulled together using reader’s favorite colors (the last post of that series):


Readers' Favorite Paint Colors {Color Palette Monday}


This palette is also one of my favorite post from 2013 because this collection of gorgeous colors came from you and your feedback on the colors that you use and love in your own home.  Thanks to you all, I think a lot of people discovered colors from this palette that they have used and now love.

The most popular paint post that I have done is actually an older post from 2012 that I updated and shared again this year here.  It’s a post about my unconventional tips and tricks for how I choose paint colors through the process of elimination.  I have used this technique for years now and it saves me so much time and agony in pinpointing the ideal color for a space and if you struggle with choosing colors, this post can help you with things to think about.

Tricks for choosing paint colors by eliminating undertones and eliminating shades that you know you don't want {The Creativity Exchange}



The second most popular paint post in 2013 was also an older post that I update every year and it’s a round-up of my favorite DIY/craft paints that I use:


Collection of what paints work best for DIY and crafts {The Creativity Exchange}


I have done this post every year that I have been blogging.  Each year, I go through my list of my favorite DIY/craft paint products and new products that I have switched to and share my current list of favorite products.  I also link to tutorials for how to use each product.  If you want to know which products work best for painting things like glass, plastic or metal, this post has all of my product recommendations.

Another popular paint post in 2013 was from February and it was a round-up of some of my favorite paint treatments for walls:

Favorite Paint Treatments for Walls {Friday Favorites} The Creativity Exchange


I shared a lot of eye candy and inspiration in that post for beautiful (and unique) wall paint treatments.  In fact, I just did one of the treatments that I featured in the round-up in my entry way.  I’ll be sharing the reveal very shortly.

As far as paint projects go, my post about what is milk paint and how to use it for furniture revamps was the most popular paint project in 2013:

How to use milk paint to create beautiful finishes for furniture revamps {The Creativity Exchange}



There has been a lot of discussion about milk paint and I heard from so many of you that you love it.  It does take a little practice because the paint itself is so different but once you play with it and see what it can do, you will be amazed by the possibilities.

If you’re interested in going back through more of my past paint projects and color palettes, all you have to do is click on the colored boxes at the top of my page that say “Color Palettes” and “Paint” and you can scroll through everything that I have shared.

I have a lot of projects that have been in the works and I can’t wait to share them with you very shortly.  I would love to hear what projects/paint techniques or color palettes that you would like to see in 2014.  Please share any thoughts or requests in the comment section and I will do what I can to incorporate your requests into my posts.

Thank you so much to all of you for hanging out with me here and I wish every single one of you a wonderful, happy and healthy 2014!!







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5 Responses to Most Popular Paint Projects and Color Palettes in 2013 {Paint It Monday}..

  1. I’m really looking forward to seeing what you have in store for 2014! I loved all of your color palette posts, and still refer back to them when I’m exploring new color ideas! I love seeing colors with pictures of them used in rooms or on furniture. The cabinet color posts are another personal fave!

  2. Robbie says:

    Thank you for being such an inspiration to so many of us!!!
    Your excitement in sharing your many talents is contagious, and you are so great at guiding us through projects!
    I appreciate and love you!
    Blessed New Year to you and yours!

    • Cyndy says:

      aww.. thank you so much sweet Robbie! Your words mean so much to me and your steadfast encouragement from the beginning has always warms my heart. You have always inspired me so much and what a creative joy our friendship has been. Happy New Year my dear, sweet creative friend! xxoo

  3. cindy says:

    Hi Cyndy! I was just wondering if you or anyone you have worked with have any tips on transforming a desk into a mirrored vanity for a 14 year old? She loves the mirrored furniture and wants mirrors applied to a black painted desk. We will be attempting this from start to finish once we find the desk.(from sanding down, painting, applying mirrors. Etc. Thank you so much!

    Cindy Hawes
    (Former married name is ‘Cindy alldred’!!!! lol tho spelled dif )

  4. JUDY says:


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