DIY Tall Ornament Topiary…

DIY Ornament topiaries {The Creativity Exchange}


DIY Ornament Topiary  {The Creativity Exchange}



I am really excited about today’s project for several reasons. For one, I am thrilled to be partnering with RYOBI Power Tools in 2014 and this is the first of several fun projects that I’ll be sharing featuring my favorite RYOBI Power Tools. Secondly, every year at Christmas, we make something fun with our crafty next door neighbor’s (The Shepherd’s) and this is the project that we made this year. We’ve been planning for weeks, gathering our supplies and last night, we went to town making these fun tall ornament topiary trees:


DIY Ornament topiary {The Creativity Exchange}



I made a set for my front door and placed them in urns.  We used dowels set in plaster of paris to secure the topiaries and because of the weight of the plaster, these could be used in any kind of container.  They can also be made on a smaller scale for fun tabletop decorations.  We used plastic ball ornaments in various sizes that we found at Hobby Lobby:


DIY Ornament Topiaries {The Creativity Exchange}


So to get started, we used paint containers like this and mixed up some plaster of paris (Pottery Plaster) for our base to hold the topiary in :


DIY Ornament Topiary {The Creativity Exchange}

Plaster of paris for making DIY ornament topiaries {The Creativity Exchange}



We figured out that 2.5 cups of the plaster mix equaled a pound (It wasn’t calculated on the instructions).  We mixed plaster powder with 11 ounces of cold water (according to our directions).  Two pounds of plaster and water mix filled out plastic paint containers.  We used a larger container to mix in and then we poured the mix into the plastic container.  (We learned the hard way to use a disposable larger container to mix in!):


DIY Ornament Topiaries {The Creativity Exchange}



The plaster takes about 20-30 minutes to fully set, so we used tape to hold our dowels in place until the plaster hardened.  We used half inch dowels that were four feet long and they were the perfect size for the height of our topiaries for outside our front door.

Next, we drilled holes in our plastic ball ornaments by using a half inch bit (same size as dowel) using one of my new favorite tools, the RYOBI One + 18 Volt Lithium Cordless Drill:

RYOBI One 18V Drill {The Creativity Exchange}


The trick to drilling the holes on the larger ornaments is that someone needs to hold the ball while the other drills (don’t drill towards them but downward to keep it safe).  For the smaller ornaments, you can just place the ball on wood and hold and drill. It’s also important to drill slow with as little pressure as possible to prevent cracking because of the plastic.   We practice on one ornament first and it just took us a second to figure out the technique/pressure that we needed:


DIY ornament topiary {The Creativity Exchange}


Once we drilled the hole, we went back and forth with the drill slow to make sure that the hole was cleaned up and even to slide down the dowel:

DIY Ornament Topiary {The Creativity Exchange}


We pulled the ornament hooks off of the balls on the other side and most of them on the larger sizes were perfect for sliding over the dowel.  However, on a couple of the smaller ones, we used an old serrated knife to saw off the narrow plastic hook area and then we drilled another hole.

After the plaster was completely dry (about 45 minutes) we started layers the ornaments onto the dowel.  We used a zip tie at the base where we wanted out topiary to start (mine started about 10 inches from the base because I planned to have mine in an urn):

DIY Ornament Topiary {The Creativity Exchange}



As you can see below in my finished topiary, I used all kinds of different sizes and loved the whimsical look of the small in between larger balls.  I also alternated solid red and then the red and white.  At the top, I used plastic finials that we also drilled a hole in the bottom and it finished off the top of my topiary:

Tutorial for making an ornament topiary {The Creativity Exchange}



We did not have to glue our ornaments to the dowel because the zip tie just held it where we wanted it and we were able to stack (such a awesome idea Glenda!!).  When it’s time to store these, we can just remove the ornaments.

Glenda and Jane are still working on theirs (I’ll add pictures at the front door when they’re ready) but you can see how fabulous their’s turned out:

DIY Ornament Topiaries {The Creativity Exchange}



I put mine in two urns that were already filled with dirt:

DIY Ornament Topiaries {The Creativity Exchange}


I then just wrapped around inexpensive artificial garland and I was all set:

DIY Ornament topiary {The Creativity Exchange}


So many fun possibilities with this project!  I hope you guys give it a try because they were so fun to make!  Next year, i’ll be making some tabletop ones for inside the house.  I’ll be on the lookout in the clearance section for plastic ball ornaments.

Thanks for hanging out with me today friends!



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17 Responses to DIY Tall Ornament Topiary…

  1. What a great project! And such a fun partnership with Ryobi, you lucky girl! Turned out great!

  2. These are awesome! I love them – great job!

  3. Laura J says:

    Those are really fabulous! An d onto my Pinterest board they go — maybe I’ll try them for next year . . . .

  4. Davina Bedsole says:

    I LOVE this idea! I am going to hit the post Christmas clearance sales for ornaments to use for next year. I can’t wait to give this a try! Thanks so much for this awesome idea!!

  5. Kayla says:

    This is a great idea! It’s going to be my next holiday project this weekend. My fingers are crossed it looks half as good. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Susan says:

    Those are fantastic!!! Love them

  7. Kim says:

    Another awesome idea! I made the monogram ornaments last year and they turned out beautifully. These topiaries are definately on my to do list! Thank you for the great idea!

  8. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. Yep, enough said! (Pinned it to the BHG board… because you my dear are sooooo BHG worthy!).

    • Cyndy says:

      Aww… Thank you sweet Kim! I’m so glad that you like them and thanks you so much for sharing on the BHG board! Thrilled girl! Merry Christmas!!

  9. Wow! Love love love these! Thanks for sharing!

  10. leslie says:

    Could you just pass on the plaster step and just stick the wooden piece directly into the potted plant you want it in????

  11. Great idea! I love how they turned out.

  12. Barbara Brown says:

    These are beautiful. Did not see this post until the day after Christmas, but scored 70% off at our local stores on the plastic ornaments, so will do next year. Can’t wait!!

  13. Becky says:

    I love your topiary, I spotted one last year on pinterest, but yours was exactly what I was looking for. The directions are so easy to follow, I can’t wait to make this . Just hope I can score some ornaments this late after Christmas.

  14. Diana Lopez says:

    I just love, love , this…….

  15. Cheryl thorrez says:

    Diy Christmas ornament topiary can you tell me roughly how much it costs to make these

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