The Look for Less (Entryway)…

The look for less (entry ways) The Creativity Exchange


It’s been awhile since I have done a “Look for Less” post and I want to try and do these more often.  I’m in the process of revamping several rooms in my home and since I have been sourcing for these rooms, I thought I would share some of my great finds with you.  Hopefully I can help you find some ideas and some looks for a lot less!

So, I finally decided to revamp my entryway and change everything about this space.  I’m slowly working on my final plan and my goal is to transforming this space over the next couple of weeks. I have already purchased a couple of things like my entry way console.

A great long entryway console can be expensive and I knew I wanted a long mirrored piece but everything that I loved was over $1,000.00.  Last weekend, I went to my favorite home decor store in Houston called High Fashion Home and walked in the door and saw this pretty console:


Mirrored console at High Fashion Home for $399.00

Source: High Fashion Home


This piece is the perfect entryway console at 59 inches wide/length and 16.5 inches deep and 31 inches high.  The best part of all, it was only $399.00!! Yes!! It looks just as significant and as beautiful as the other consoles that I was looking at over $1,000.00. What I love about this piece is the mirrored part is antiqued and the edges are a wood with areas of gold and silver gilding.  Perfect!!  I couldn’t buy this piece fast enough!!

High Fashion Home also has a website that you can order from and this console can be found here.  However, you really have to look through for the deals because they mix in very high end expensive pieces with inexpensive deals like my console.  If you’re looking for a mirrored console, High Fashion Home has the best deals out there for gorgeous and well-made pieces for a great price.  Here are a couple other great console deals that that High Fashion Home has:

Marie 6-Legged Mirrored Console here for $499.00:


Marie 6-legged console for $499.00 from High Fashion Home {Look for Less} The Creativity Exchange

Source: High Fashion Home


Genevieve Console here for $349.00:


Genevieve Console Table for $349.00 from High Fashion Home {Look for Less} The Creativity Exchange

Source: High Fashion Home


Madero Console here for $449.00:

Madero Console for $449.00 from High Fashion Home {Look for Less} The Creativity Exchange

Source: High Fashion Home


If you live in Texas and have never been to a High Fashion Home store, trust me, it’s absolutely amazing!  There’s one in Houston and Dallas.  It’s become my favorite store for furniture, decor and fabric.

After finding my console, I moved on to lamps.  Kirkland’s hands down has the best bang for the buck when it comes to lamps. Their lamp designers are spot on with high end looking lamp designs because most of their lamps are gorgeous near exact replicas of the really good high dollar lamps. Without fail, if I need a lamp, I always check out Kirkland’s first. Here are a few examples of what I have my eye on for my entry way from Kirkland’s:

White pitted ceramic table lamp for $49.00 here from Kirkland’s:


white pitted ceramic table lamp for $49.00 from Kirkland's {Look for Less} The Creativity Exchange

Source: Kirkland’s


Natural crystal base table lamp for $49.00 here from Kirkland’s:


Natural crystal base table lamp for $49.00 from Kirkland's {Look for Less} The Creativity Exchange

Source: Kirkland’s


I could go on and on sharing all the fabulous inexpensive lamps Kirkland’s has right now! If you’re looking for a lamp, be sure and look through at Kirkland’s before spending too much money on a lamp.  You guys will be so surprised by their selection.

Next up mirrors!  I wanted a large mirror to go behind my console and I actually ended up finding it this weekend at Super Marshalls in Houston for $129.00!!  It’s an amazing knock off mirror almost identical to those I have seen for over $1,000!!   Marshalls, Home Goods and TJ Maxx are always the very first place that I look for great deals on  mirrors.  Also,  another really great place for high end knock off mirrors are online at Home Decorators Catalog.  Here are two of my favorites:

Gunnar Mirror for $206.00 here at Home Decorators Catalog:

Gunnar mirror for $206.00 from Home Deocrators Catalog {Look for Less} The Creativity Exchange

Source: Home Decorators Catalog


Another great place to look for gorgeous mirrors is Overstock. I love this Abbyson mirror for $260.00 here at Overstock right now:


Abbyson Wall Mirror for $260.00 at Overstock {Look for Less} The Creativity Exchange

Source: Overstock

One of my favorite places to find really well made rugs at a great price is West Elm. I’m looking at this pretty Ikat Links rug in a 3 x 5 here and it’s only $129.00:

IKAT links rug in a 3 x 5 for $129.00 at West Elm {Look for Less} The Creativity Exchange

Source: West Elm


As far as little tabletop accessories, I also usually find my favorite things at Marshalls (Home Goods). I have also found some great stuff at Home Decorators Catalog. I love this huge Brenna Ceramic Jar (It’s super tall 18 inches) here for $60.00 (you can get an additional 20% off by signing up for emails):


Brenna large ceramic vase for $60.00 from Home Decorators Catalog {Look for Less} The Creativity Exchange

Source: Home Decorators Catalog


I also have my eye on this set of three gorgeous gold mercury glass (gold is really hard to find)decanters here for $62.00 at Home Decorators Catalog:

Etched gold mercury glass decanters (set of 3) for $62.00 at Home Decorators Catalog {Look for Less} The Creativity Exchange

Source: Home Decorators Catalog

So there you have it!  These are the stores are where I’m finding high end design looks for a lot less for my entryway pieces.  I have a big job ahead of me and can’t wait to share the final transformation with you soon.  If you’re on Instagram, you can find me here and I’ll be sharing pictures of the revamp project throughout the transformation if you would like to keep up.

Have a fantastic Thanksgiving friends and I’ll be back on Friday with my 4th annual Christmas tree cone post with pictures of this year’s tree cones!!



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7 Responses to The Look for Less (Entryway)…

  1. Amanda Eck says:

    ohhhh this is going to be good!!!! and I am sooooo glad you brought back “the look for less” series! well done friend!

  2. Heather says:

    I love the items you have shown – especially the mirror and console table, but sadly, even your “look for less” is still more than I can spend. While I would love to, I can’t justify spending $600 on just the table and mirror. Perhaps the entire entryway, but not just two items. That said, I will continue to check out your blog because I love the ideas I find!!

    • Cyndy says:

      Thanks Heather! Yes, I hope you will continue to check in on my blog because I go all over the board for different price points for “Look for Less” features. Look for Less is always going to be relative to the original price of the high-end piece. $399.00 versus $1,399.00 for a mirrored piece of furniture is the “Look for Less”. That console is such a really great deal for what it is and of course, if you picked up lamps and a gorgeous mirror at Kirkland’s (Kirkland’s has fabulous mirrors too for a lot less) and maybe pick up a great rug for even less at Wayfair or Overstock, you could come very close to a really awesome transformation right around $600.00. Hope that helps!

      Thanks again Heather!

  3. Lauren says:

    Awesome post Cyndy! Home Goods is my favorite go to source for great home finds. It never fails, every time I walk in the door there something HAS to come home with me! I love this series and look forward to many more posts like this one 🙂 Hope you’re having a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  4. sally says:

    Love this look! Where is the side table from??

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