Sweet & Salty Fall Snack Mix with Printable “Happy Fall” Gift Tag..

Sweet and Salty Fall Snack Mix

Recipe for sweet and salty fall snack mix. So good!
Sweet & Salty Fall Snack Mix {Caramel Corn, Cheddar Chex, Candy Corn} The Creativity Exchange
Sweet & Salty Fall Snack Mix with Printable Gift Tag (The Creativity Exchange)



You know fall has finally arrived when the candy corn and candy pumpkins hit the stores. Fall can’t get here fast enough for me and even though it’s 90-plus degrees today in East Texas, it’s fall in my kitchen.  I made a yummy sweet & salty fall snack mix for our family to munch on and I made an extra large batch to give to friends and neighbors. I thought I would share the recipe with you today along with this free printable gift tag that I used to attach to the treats:


recipe for sweet and salty fall snack mix with free printable gift tag {The Creativity Exchange}

If you’re looking for a quick and easy fall treat, it doesn’t get any easier than this!

Of course, you can adjust this mix any way that you like. I even thought about drizzling white chocolate over it as well (oh my!).  I came up with this mix because I have a serious thing about mixing carmel corn with Cheddar Chex Mix.  It gets even better with candy corn, candy pumpkins and salty peanuts and I am in sweet and salty heaven.

So this is what I used for my mix:


fall snack mix.


I used one bag of carmel corn (10 oz.), one bag of Cheddar Chex Party Mix (8.75 oz.), one container of salted peanuts (4.5 oz.), one bag of candy corn (1 lb) and one bag of candy pumpkins.  I just tossed it all together and that was it!  It’s addicting!

If you want to mix up an extra batch and give treat bags to friends, I’m also sharing the free printable “Happy Fall” gift tag.  I filled ziploc bags to make larger batches (for neighbors) that I placed in these fun chevron treat boxes that I picked up at Hobby Lobby:


recipe for sweet and salty fall snack mix with free printable gift tag {The Creativity Exchange}


for smaller batches, I filled cellophane bags and then attached the gift tag:


Sweet & Salty Fall Snack Mix with Carmel Corn, Cheddar Chex Mix and Candy Corn {The Creativity Exchange}

Sweet and Salty Fall Snack Mix with Free Printable Gift Tag (The Creativity Exchange)

To go to the file to print the tags on white card stock, just click the hyperlink directly below:

Free Printable Happy Fall Tags

You have to have Adobe Reader installed on your computer to print the tags.  If you do not have it, you can download it for free here.

These little tags would work not just for this mix but for any fall treats or baked goodies.  All you have to do is cut them out, punch a hole for ribbon and there is plenty of room on the back if you want to write a little note too!

By the way, if you’re looking for something yummy to bake this fall, you might want to check out this recipe that I shared last year for easy Chocolate Coconut Fall Spice Cupcakes:

Recipe- Chcocolate Cupcake- Cake Recipe-


Thanks for hanging out with me today and I’ll be back on Friday with another DIY project from my craft room revamp.



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10 Responses to Sweet & Salty Fall Snack Mix with Printable “Happy Fall” Gift Tag..

  1. Happy Fall!! I love how adorably you have made this ready. I love the creative & interactive tag on the Fall snack mix! So nutty and delish it looks. It can surely have an endless munching :p

    Jessica x

  2. Tammy Gurrera says:

    I have enjoyed looking at the creative ideas you have. Would love to be put on your email address list for further ideas.


  3. Oh man…I could devour a bowl of this right now…and then those cupcakes. Bring on the winter weight!

  4. Lesa Burris says:

    Does this Fall mix do o.k. if made the night before? (i.e. does the caramel corn or chex mix become stale when mixed overnight with the candy?) Just wondering. I really want to make it for a school pitch-in but need to make it the night before. Thank you!

    • Cyndy says:

      Oh yes Lesa, we’ve been eating it for days and it’s super fresh and yummy! Just be sure and put in air tight container or in bags sealed. You’ll love it but it’s addicting! Enjoy!

  5. Dawn says:

    Made the Sweet & Salty Fall Snack…… oh my goodness! My daughters college friends loved it, also made it for a family get-together. Everyone has asked for the recipe! I chose to add fall colored M&M’s to it as well. Didn’t last long at either event! Any ideas on a Christmas version of this? Would love to hear from you! Thanks!

    • Cyndy says:

      Thank you for your sweet note Dawn! I’m so glad that everyone liked it! It’s addicting, isn’t it! I have been thinking about a Christmas version and thought about switching out and adding the Christmas candy corn. I’m not sure where they sell it but I know it exists. Brach’s makes this mallocreme Christmas shaped things that I was going to try as well. I noticed that M & M’s has come out with gingerbread M & M’s and thought that might be a nice combo too. I’ve been testing out a few things and hopefully shortly we’ll have another addicting mix! Lol! Thanks so much if you have any thoughts, let me know. Thanks so much for your note Dawn.

  6. Kay Ivy says:

    My friend shared this recipe with me, and I am making it for my coworkers.
    I love your ideas!

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