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I have loved all of the awesome spray painted tin projects floating around Blogland lately. Of course I love ANYTHING spray painted, it’s my vice! These spray painted Christmas tins are such a great way to recycle those big metal tubs of popcorn, nuts and all of those Christmas tins! Best of all, these tins are the perfect size for storing little stuff and they are so easy to upcycle with spray paint.

Here are just a few of my favorite spray painted tin projects that I have come across to show you all of the different possibilities:

The Crafty Woman spray painted Christmas tins in Krylon Jade, which is so fun with the gold on the inside of the tins:

source: The Crafty Woman

source: The Crafty Woman


Frou Frou Britches spray painted a Christmas popcorn tin to create a pretty dog food bin with a black sharpie:

Source: Frou Frou Britches

Source: Frou Frou Britches


Mom’s Crafty Space created these fun crayon holders with metal fruit cup tins of all things! Brilliant! She did this for her classroom and then screwed the cans onto a long narrow board!


Mom's Crafty Space via Somewhat Simple

Mom’s Crafty Space via Somewhat Simple


So many possibilities!

Since I have old Christmas tins coming out of my ears, I thought I would spray paint a few to create storage containers for my baking cabinet.  I also have several old candle jars that have very little wax left in them and I thought I would use those as well.  My crafty friend Samantha told me about how she created her own little storage jars using old candles and I couldn’t wait to give that a try too!

So I started with Christmas tins just like these:


Tutorial for spray painting old Christmas tins {The Creativity Exchange}


I also started with an old Bath and Body Shop candle jar that was pretty low on wax that I would have just tossed away in the garbage:


Tutorial for turning old candles into small pretty storage containers {The Creativity Exchange}


I took the lids off of the tins and turned the tins upside down and sprayed a thin coat of primer on them {just enough to cover} and I also primed the candle lid and let it dry for an hour.  I usedRust-oleum Ultra Primer:


Rust-oleum Ultra Spray Primer


After allowing the primer to dry for an hour, I sprayed a top coat of paint over the primer and let the tins dry completely overnight. I used my favorite Rust-oleum color- “Sand Fossil” for my top coat on the taupe tins:


Rust-oleum Sand Fossil gorgeous taupe color


For the candle lid, my top coat was spray chalkboard paint by Kyrlon:


Krylon Chalkboard Paint- Awesome product and a little goes a long way.


The next morning, the tins were completely dry and perfect.  They looked just like they came in that taupe color and you would never know they were spray painted.  Yay!!

I finished my tins off by adding black vinyl labels using a label stencil that I created to use on some vinyl.  No special vinyl machine needed, I just traced my stencils on the back on the vinyl and cut.  If you’re interested in the free printable labels that I made, I shared them here and again, you do not need a special vinyl cutting machine!  Just scissors! Yay!! By the way, if you wet your chalk, you do not need special chalkboard vinyl to write on it!


Chalkboard label for spray painted tins {The Creativity Exchange}


For the candle, I cleaned out the wax with a knife and dish soap and then I ran the glass through the dishwasher on sterilize just to make sure that I got the candle smell completely out of the glass.  My friend Samantha told me that if you’re having trouble getting wax out of the jar, just put in the freezer for a couple hours and you can get the wax out a lot easier:


Turn old candle jars into small pretty storage containers {The Creativity Exchange}


Turn an old candle jar into a pretty storage container {The Creativity Exchange}


That’s it!  So easy and I love all of the possibilities for pretty storage ideas throughout the house.  I thought I would spray a few for my daughter’s bathroom in fun bold colors for hair binders, barrettes and all that little girlie stuff that’s impossible to keep organized.


Spray Paint old Christmas tins & candle jars to create small storage containers {The Creativity Exchange}
If you’re interested in the printable label stencils for glass, tin and plastic, I will be sharing those on Wednesday morning here on the blog. I will link the printables here after Wednesday, so you can also check back to this post.






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14 Responses to Spray Painted Christmas Tins and Old Candle Jars {Organize}…

  1. So cute Cyndy! How many times have I thrown out that old candle?! You’re making me think twice!

  2. I love this! We got one of those giant popcorn tins for Christmas that has now become a place to store cat food. I am definitely going to paint it now…the puppies wearing santa hats just don’t go with my decor. I’ll be back to see your stencil post!

    Thanks! I stopped over from the linky party at My 1929 Charmer.

  3. Megan says:

    What a great idea! I love how they turned out. Megan

  4. Donna Kazmercyk says:

    Love these! My only concern would be putting any kind of food products in the ones spray painted on the inside!

    • Kathy says:

      I don’t see any that are spray painted on the inside. But, yeah, I definitely wouldn’t put any food I inside one that was.:)

  5. What a great idea, I have tons of those sitting around. I had never thought of spraying the lids on the glass jars. It’s a smack yourself in the head moment. 🙂

  6. Tanya says:

    These look AMAZING!! You would never guess they were old tins, so pretty and chic!

    xo, Tanya

  7. Lottie says:

    Thank you for this post! Wow! I just donated lots of Christmas tins that I could have painted!

  8. These turned out so cute! I’ve seen them on Pinterest and I keep wanting to make them but I keep forgetting to find some tins! ;P I really need to get on it- these really turned out great!!

  9. Many thanks for this, I’m so tired of masking tape labels on all the unpainted tins I keep dried beans in. Would be nice to have things pretty inside my cupboards!

  10. Sue says:

    How do the canisters hold up taking the lids off and on

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