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Color Palette Inspiration

I’m sure you’ve seen magazines where they do a special “Design Crush” section where they highlight a tendy color, pattern or look? Doesn’t it just drive you nuts when you see one that features pillows for $550 and a lamp for $2,500? I love the inspiration but not at crazy prices!

Today I thought it would be fun to do a Design Crush but this one is on a budget!  I found some great inexpensive accessories and key pieces that really pull this crush together.  I’m also sharing exactly where you can find these items as well. So let’s jump right in!

I am loving this color palette of rich browns and blacks, gray-blues mixed with a little gold:


Throw in a little chevron and suzani pattern, mix it up with some mercury glass etched in gold and I’ve moved from a crush right into a love affair!

The staple for my design crush is this beautiful geometric rug from Ballard Designs:


Ballard Designs- Rug- Saybrook- Indoor Outdoor

Source: Ballard Designs


It doesn’t look like it but it’s an indoor/outdoor rug and it’s also stain resistant. Yep, I think this rug would be perfect in a kitchen, entry way or back door. Easy clean up! It’s pretty inexpensive too ($55.00-$319.00, depending on size) and I love all of the color combinations and the modern geometric design, that can instantly update a room.

Next up, I love a little touch of gold and have slowly been adding more gold into my decor.  I could not believe how inexpensive and beautiful this tall gold fleck table lamp is from Kirkland’s:


Tall gold fleck lamp- Kirkland's- Design Crush


Can you believe this lamp is only $63.00? I just love it and that the finish is really beautiful. The shade works in this color palette just perfectly.  This lamp would be great on a console in an entry way, or on a nightstand in a bedroom or on a buffet.  Love it and what a great price!

I love all of the fabric and pattern options in this color combination and I found this fabulous Etsy Store called Festive Home Decor, which is where I found these beautiful chevron and suzani pillows in my inspiration color palette:


Chevron and suzani pillows- design crush

SOurce: Festive Home Decor/ETSY Store


You can not believe how many pattern choices that this store has!  One of these pillow covers is just $38.00! The fabrics look so beautiful and the patterns are all some of the most popular designs in fabrics today.

Sunburst mirrors are another great way to incorporate some gold into your home.  I really like the burnished gold finish on this collection of mirrors from Ballard Designs:


Source: Ballard Designs


This collection of 3 is $139.00 and they are a good size at 12.5″ in diameter.

Next up, I have a huge crush on this fish jar from Neiman Marcus/Horchow, which is a great piece to work into this Design Crush color palette:


Fish Jar- Design Crush- Neiman Marcus

Source: Neiman Marcus


The fish jar is priced by size and it starts at $125.00.  I realize that this jar is a little more expensive but I wanted to include it because just last week, I saw almost the identical jar at Home Goods for $39.00 {Home Goods does not have online shopping for me to get a picture}.  If you like this jar, check out Home Goods and I’m sure you will find one very similar for a lot less.

Mercury glass is still really popular right now and I have been seeing a lot of it with etched gold and design work.  Mercury glass looks beautiful with any color palette and I still can’t get enough of it.  I love these jars from Home Decorators and they are only $34.00 each:


Etched Mercury Glass- Design Crush

Source: Home Decorators Catalog


I have also seen a lot of etched mercury glass at Home Goods and TJ Maxx priced from $15.00- $40.00, depending on the size.  If you’re willing to spend a little bit more, check out these amazing etched mercury glass orbs from Neiman Marcus/ Horchow:


Mercury Glass Jars- Design Crush- Neiman Marcus

Source: Neiman Marcus


These orbs come in a pair and they are $195.00, which is really not bad considering that they are tall and there are two. The tallest one is 13.5″ and the smaller one is 10.5″. Neiman’s has a sale pretty often and if you watch this piece and sign up for email offers, chances are you can probably get it at the seasonal 40% off sale.

Lastly, I love this tufted chair from Home Decorators that brings in more of that pretty blue/gray into this Design Crush:


Source: Home Decorators Catalog


This tufted chair would be perfect key piece to incorporate gray-blue into this color palette.  It would be great in a corner in a bedroom, or in an entry way and it’s a good price at $239.00 (sale ends 10/1).  If you’re interested in this chair or any of the other Home Decorators items that I have listed, be sure and search the internet for a coupon/promotional code because they always have something.  Also, if you register for their catalog, you will receive an extra coupon in your first catalog!

Well friends, I hope there is something in this Design Crush that inspires you or you see something that you’ve been looking for.  At these prices, you can’t go wrong!

Have a great day and I will be back for Friday Favorites.  If you missed last week’s Friday Favorites, “Favorite Paint Products for DIY/Crafts“, you can click on the image below to go the link of my list of favorite paint products:


What paints work best- Favorite craft/DIY paints

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6 Responses to Design Crush {On a Budget}…

  1. Jenn says:

    Love these colors. I’m looking for inspiration for my bedroom…i think these would be perfect. Thanks for the inspiration!!

    • Cyndy says:

      How ironic Jenn, this Design Crush board was really created as I look at revamping my bedroom! Over the next few weeks, I will be posting a lot of design inspiration for the bedroom if you are looking for more paint color ideas and accessories! Thanks for stopping by Jenn!

  2. Chelsea says:

    This is great! Where did you find your color palette? Did you put it together yourself? I’m trying to decorate my living room and decide on a good color scheme. Love your budget crush!

  3. Patty V says:

    I love receiving your emails. Everything shared is so tastefully done.
    Thank you, Patty V

  4. lea wallis says:

    i am attempting to decorate the house we just moved in myself…..and on a budget. i have a natural bent toward warm and traditional but am trying to lean toward warm, modern, transitional this go round. i can see all of these colors working in my house and helping bridge the gap between the warm browns i’ve used and the cooler grays i’m attempting to incorporate. thanks for taking the guess work out of this design. part of my problem is that once i find something, i’m afraid to vere from it; such as the rug, really like the pattern, colors and cost. my concern is that if i buy it for the hallway or living room, i start to think i should buy the exact same rug in different sizes for the rest of the house or the decor might not flow. i don’t want every room of my house to look the same but would like the look of each room to appear to have an intended purpose in the overall design of the entire house. not sure this is possible anyway, since my son’s room is a butter yellow and daughter’s room is a lime green. any suggestions on how to combat this mindset or make rooms flow from one color scheme to the next?

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