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This week, I thought I would share some of my favorite {inexpensive} decorating tips and tricks.  There are so many amazing decorating ideas found throughout the internet and I thought I would share a few that I have used over and over that really make an impact when decorating.

I’m sure you’ve probably seen a couple of these ideas before, but maybe there is something here that you haven’t thought of or considered doing in your own home.  Hopefully, you’ll be inspired by a picture or two or an idea.

So let’s jump right in!

  Gallery Walls


Gallery Wall- Decorating Tips- Decorating Tricks

Source: Pottery Barn via Holly Mathis Interiors


Decorating Tricks- Decorating Tips- Gallery Wall

Source: Houzz/Garrison Hullinger


Gallery Wall- Decorating Tips- Decorating Tricks

Source: Beautiful Paper.Tumblr


Decorating Tips & Tricks- Gallery Wall

Source: Emily A. Clark


Decorating Tips- Decorating Tricks- Gallery Wall

Source: Gardners to Bergers


Gallery walls are not only a fantastic way to make a statement and fill up a wall, it’s a great way to free up storage space of these items you may have tucked in a closet or attic gathering dust.

The great thing about gallery walls is that anything goes right now.  Whether you have mix- matched frame styles, or contemporary art mixed with vintage, anything will work mixed together.  Take a closer look at all of the different elements mixed together on this gorgeous wall from Pottery Barn:


Gallery Wall- Decorating Tips- Decorating Tricks

Source: Pottery Barn


Lots of great inspiration!  I know its challenging to figure out where to hang and to what proportion, so photographer Ann Beck has created this gallery wall layout chart below with several fantastic combinations to help with ideas and layout if you’re interested:


Decorating Tips-Decorating Trick- Gallery Wall

Source: Ann Beck Photography


Ann has a large version of the layout on her website here if you want to print it out or pin it on Pinterest.

 When in Doubt, Add a Mirror

If you have a wall, mantel or larger space that you’re just not sure what kind of art or piece you want to hang, consider hanging a mirror instead.  These days, mirrors are really like works of art in design and they can be found anywhere. The best part of all, you can find gorgeous mirrors super cheap:


Decorating Tips- Decorating Tricks- Mirror- Mantel

Source: HGTV.ca


Decorating Tips- Decorating Tricks- Mirror- Entry Eay

Source: S.R. Gambrel



Decorating Tips- Decorating Tricks- Mirror- Entry Way

Source: Brabournefarm



Decorating Tips- Decorating Tricks- Mirror- Entry Way

Source: TG Interiors


 Update Lampshades

This may sound really strange but by simply switching out lampshades with a more current and updated style, lamps and a room can be transformed. It really does make a significant difference as you can see with my lamps below:


Lampshades- Covering Lampshades

Source: The Creativity Exchange

Last year, I did a post on updating lampshades that you can find here.  Barrel style or square lampshades are the latest style that we are seeing the most of in new lamps today:




Source: Layla Grayce


Lamp- Blue Lamp

Source: Layla Grayce


Lamp Sconces- Decorating Tips

Source: Me and Mrs. Jones Painted Finishes


Lamp- Layla Grayce Lamp


Lamp- Layla Grayce Lamp

Source: Layla Grayce


Believe it or not, Walmart has a gorgeous neutral barrel shade in several sizes and colors (linen, white, tan). The largest size shades are only $14.00!


Barrel Lampshades

Source: The Creativity Exchange


Adding fun patterned fabrics to a lampshade is another fun way to update lamps and incorporate your favorite fabric.  I shared a tutorial last year for how to cover a barrel lampshade with fabric found here. It’s a great way to update an old lamp for a lot less than buying a new one.  An updated lampshade makes an old lamp look new without much effort.

Incorporating Architectural Elements

This is another decorating tip that I really love and have done in several areas of my home.  Simply scour through antique stores and junkyards and find old architectural elements that really speak to you and incorporate them somewhere in your home.  You can hang your architectural item on a wall or  build it in to something- like a replacing a door in your home with two antique shutters.

Depending on your taste {and where you shop}, this could be incredibly expensive or the most inexpensive decor item in your home.

These old shutters were incorporated into built in gorgeous doors:


Built in- Decorating Tips

Source: Cote De Texas


Decorating tips

Source: Cote De Texas


Old Clock

Source: Splendid Willow


Source: Houzz


Source: Style at Home


You never know what you might find hiding in these stores.  So next time you scavenger around an old junk yard or an antique store, go through that old pile of columns, shutters and old ceiling tiles and think about how you could incorporate it into your decor. You may have to clean it up but most of the time all you have to do is dust off as the most fabulous architectural pieces are best left alone.

Revamp an Old Parsons Chair

One of the best inexpensive decorating tricks that I have been seeing a lot of lately is the revamped Parsons Chair. The Parson Chair was really popular years ago and now I am seeing them in all the thrift stores for next to nothing. This is the perfect chair to add a trendy bold fabric and place at a desk or in an entry way or even a little corner of a room:

Here is the basic Parson Chair:

Parsons Chair


Here are some pictures of the chair recovered and updated with bold fabric:


Parsons Chair

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  1. Becca says:

    Hey Cyndy!
    I’ve followed your blog for ages- and imagine my surprise to find my gallery wall included in your post today! Thanks for including me in the gorgeous round up!! Enjoy your weekend, chica!
    xo Becca

    • Cyndy says:

      What a sweet message Becca!! You made my night and your gallery wall is spectacular and so is your beautiful blog! Thanks sweet chica!!

  2. Karen Thomas says:

    This was such a great article. So many ideas. Thank you for the layout chart for us vertically challenged decorators. Would love to know if you use any Celebrating Home or PartyLite items?

  3. Dec says:

    Thank You Cyndy for bringing gallery wall ideas.

  4. Fabulous post! I’ve got it linked to mine today as well – gotta love great decorating tips!

  5. Fantastic post – so much here and I loved the inspiration! I have this linked to my decorating advice post as well today, great tips!

  6. Ann Hollar says:

    I absolutely love ALL of these and will use these ideas in my home! Thank you for sharing! Blessings!

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