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Happy Friday Friends!

If you’ve been hanging out on my blog for awhile, you probably know by now that I am obsessed with online printables.   I get a tinge of excitement when I see the the words “free printable” flash across my monitor.   Oh yes, it’s so bad for me that I have set up a “Free Printables” Pinterest Board and have pinned more than 370 of my favorite printable links found throughout the Internet.  I think there are a lot of us underground printable fanatics living seemingly normal lives out there.  At least I hope I’m not alone in this!

I use online printables all of the time and I keep card stock and 8.5″ x 11″- 3M adhesive label sheets right next to my printer so I can print out something in a flash.

So last July, I shared a collection of some of my favorite free printables and I still love the collection and I use many of them regularly.  You can find last year’s {Part 1} “Obsessed with Printables” post here or by clicking on the picture below if you haven’t seen this collection yet:


free printables, printables,


Today, I wanted to share some of my new favorite printables that I have either used since last year’s post, or plan on using.  Hopefully, you can use them too!

To access the link to the downloads/printables that I am sharing today, simply click on the picture of the printable that you want and it will take you directly to the website and the link {with instructions} to the printable download.

First up is this fabulous chalkboard printable from one of my favorite websites, The Wedding Chicks:


Free Printable, Chalkboard Printable, The Wedding Chicks

Source: The Wedding Chicks


How fun are these chalkboard cards?  The Wedding Chicks recommend using a white chalk pencil to write on the cards.  I love this idea for place cards, food/drink labels for a buffet or even a cute thank you note.  There are a lot of possibilities with this fun printable.

By the way, The Wedding Chicks have an amazing collection of other free printables and beautiful mongrams that you will want to check out as well.  You can access their list of free printables here.

I also love these fabulous chalkboard labels by the talented Erin Rippy of the Ink Tree Press that she designed for World Label:


Free Printable, Chalk Board Label Printable,

Source: World Label


These chalkboard labels are so fun and the template is set up so that you can fill in your own words in the chalk font, which makes these labels even more realistic.  I can think of a ton of different uses for these labels and below are some fantastic suggested uses for them as well that World Label shares on their post for the labels:


Chalkboard Labels, Free Printables

Source: Ink Tree Press & World Label


World Label offers a huge selection of free downloads/printables.  You could spend a day looking through their awesome free templates/printables. You can start by looking through their list here.  World Label sells adhesive labels in every size imaginable and you can order them through their website.  For each free download, they give specific label sizes to order. They make it super easy for us!

Next up, I just love these gorgeous free printable thank you cards created by Pumpkins and Posies:


Free Printable, Thank You Cards, Printable Thank You Cards

Source:Pumpkins and Posies


These thank you cards are so beautiful and I just love the fun patterns and colors. Catherine has created several gorgeous cards for almost every occasion and they are all free!  You can look through everything Catherine offers on her fun blog Pumpkins and Posies here.

Another fun thank you card project that I just adore is from the super creative Michael of Inspired by Charm:


Free Printables, Thank You Card

Source: Inspired by Charm


This project is a little different and while it is not quite a free printable to immediately download, Micheal makes it super easy for us.  Michael gives step by step instructions on how to create this beautiful thank you card with links to the font and flourish design. I wanted to share it with you today because it’s one of my favorite ideas and its so easy to do!  You can also venture off track if you want and create your own stationary or note cards using Micheal’s tutorial found here.

With Mother’s Day coming up on Sunday, I wanted to share a beautiful free printable card that I found from Ellinnee that looks so easy to make and it’s perfect for inserting a gift card:


Free printable, Mother's Day Card

Source: Ellinee


Such a beautiful card.  Hard to believe it’s free, huh?  By the way, Ellinee also has a free template and great instructions to make that pretty paper peony shown in the above picture.  You can find the peony instructions and template here.

If you’ve never been to Ellinee Design House, you will be blown away!  If you need invitations or DIY ideas, this is a great place for more ideas than you could imagine.  I could spend hours on their website looking at all of their designs.

I couldn’t believe it but Ellinee offers this gorgeous free printable wrapping paper:


Free Printables, Free Printable Wrapping paper

Source: Ellinee


I could dedicate a whole post to all of the wonderful free printables that Ellinee offers.  They are all some of the prettiest things I have seen!  You can go through their list and gallery here to see all of the wonderful free goodies that they offer.

Another favorite printable and project that I can’t wait to try was created by Emily of @Jones Design Company for summer bag tags.  Emily shared this printable and project last summer on one of my favorite blogs, The House of Smith’s:


Free Printables, Bag Tags

Source: The House of Smiths/ Jones Design Company



Free Printable, Free Bag Tag Printables

Source: The House of Smith's/ Jones Design Company


Emily’s tutorial for the bag tags looks so easy using this fun free printable.  I hope to find the time to make several for my daughter and how fun would they be for end of school gifts?  Such a great idea!  This printable could be used for labels and all kinds of different tags as well.

Speaking of tags and labels, I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who is obsessed with these little printables of label joy!  Luzel from the fun blog iDiy has done an amazing job in finding and collecting free printable labels and tags and has dedicated numerous posts “For the Love of Labels”:


Free Printables, Free Labels, Free Tags

Source: iDiy


This collection of free labels found throughout the internet is “Part 5” of Luzel’s free label series! Oh yea, girl is serious about her free printable label love!  Me too!  If you too have this label obsession, you need to run as fast as you can and check out all of the great links that Luzel has collected and shared here!

I also love free printable lists.  I am blown away by the number of fantastic free printable lists/charts and worksheets that are out there just waiting for us to print them.  I have collected tons of these lists on my Pinterest “Printables” board here if you want to look through the collection of lists.

This beautiful “to-do” list created by Jamie from the blog A Pair of Pears is one of my favorites:


Free Printables, Printable list, Printable to-do list

Source: A Pair of Pears


I just love the font that Jamie used for this list and it’s perfectly designed to organize the week.  This would be a great gift to print out a stack of them and slip into a fun clipboard and wrap with a bow for a busy mom or teacher!

Another one of my favorite free printable lists is this awesome grocery list created by the design team over at Ellinee:


Free printables, Free Grocery List Printable

Source: Ellinee


Just what I needed!  I love how everything is organized as a checklist because this will help remind me of what I might be missing from my list.  I just love this!!

The internet is not only filled with free printable lists and worksheets, but you won’t believe all of the beautiful calendars that are out there as well!  One of my favorites is from the blog Blooming Homestead:


Free Printables, Free Calendar

Source: Blooming Homestead


I just love the trendy patterns and fun fonts!  The calendar printable is set up for you to either print one month or the whole year!  How cool is that?  So fun!

Lastly, I thought I would close with one of my favorite free printable projects found on the Internet.  Martha Stewart is a big printable fan herself and she created these adorable pet id tags using a free printable template that she shares in addition to detailed instructions:


Free printables, Free Pet ID Tag

Source: Martha Stewart


These pet tags are simply wonderful!  The project uses Shrinky Dinks. This would be something fun to do with the kids.  Martha has tons of free printable projects and you can look through her gallery found here to see everything that she offers.  I think it’s by far one of the best free printable collections found on the Internet and I get all tingling when I scroll through all of her free printable projects!

Well friends, I hope this list will tide you guys over for a spell.  So many fun and creative free printables, I have to admit I get giddy when I look at these wonderful lovelies that these creative people have made for us!  I cannot thank the creators enough for giving such free printable joy and if you get the chance, please share the comment love with them as you visit some of these sites and download the printables.  I can only imagine how much time and energy it takes to create an online printable for the world. Thank you, thank you!!

Do you have a favorite printable that you want to share with us?  Please feel free to share the link in the comment section below.  I know you guys have some favorites too!

Have a wonderful weekend friends!




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  1. Abbey says:

    I’d love it if you stopped by our blog,, to check out our free printables available online! We have some great ones 🙂

  2. Rebekah says:

    Thank you for all the cute free printables! Would you mind sharing what kind of printer you use? I’m in the market for a color printer for things like this. I currently only have a black and white printer. Thank you!

    • Cyndy says:

      I have an older HP photo printer. I need a new one myself and I am wonder if I should just get a color printer versus a photo printer because I think the photo ink is more expensive? I need to research it myself. I rarely print photos on mine. Wish I could give you a suggestion but I need some ideas myself! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. LilyElizabeth says:

    I’m new to all of this and have been obsessively surfin the web and your site has amazing links. Thanks so much

  4. Laura says:

    Are these the type you use? If you can share any other special materials you use that make printing/cutting easier (i.e. particular/specific paper, scissors, pens, etc.) that would be fantastic! I’m a “first-timer” and you have inspired me! 🙂

  5. Eula says:

    Amazing collection! I’m on a downloading spree now. Thank you for sharing!

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