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I’ve been wanting to start a weekly feature for a long time know where I can share and highlight some of the amazing projects and blogs that I run across and call it “Friday Favorites”.   I also want to feature Etsy stores and other fun websites as well.  There is just so much amazing stuff out there to inspire us and I want to make sure that you guys get a chance to see it if you haven’t already.

I can’t think of a better way to kick off the first Friday Favorites than featuring the blogs that I always go to first when I start to my journey through blogland.  It continues to amaze me how encouraging and supportive the blogging community is and these people that I’m sharing with you today have greatly inspired me and encouraged me in so many ways over the last two years and have made blogging extra special for me.

Let’s start with the fabulous Amanda Carol of the beautiful blog Amanda Carol Interiors:


Amanda Carol at Home

Source: Amanda Carol at Home


I can’t think of any other way to describe Amanda other than to say that she is my blogland  “soul mate”.  Amanda and I have very similar taste in design and decor but she has a lot more finise than I could every dream of having!

Take a look at a couple of Amanda’s  projects:

Boys room, Amanda Carol at Home

Source: Amanda Carol at Home


Amanda Carol, revamped dresser

Source: Amanda Carol at Home


Amanda is an interior designer in Houston and she blows me away with every single one of her posts.  You will love her too { if you are not already hanging out at her blog}.

Next up is my friend the fashionista Anne from the awesome blog Wobi Sobi:


Wobi Sobi blog

Source: Wobi Sobi


 There is pretty much nothing that Anne can’t do including making clothes, accessories and crafts.  She makes me laugh so hard with her “Sundays with Sailor Sam“:


Sailor Sam meets Audrey

Source: Wobi Sobi


Oh yes, Sailor Sam has quite the adventures!


Pretty much every morning, Anne takes a picture of her outfit for the day like these:


Wobi Sobi, Anne

Source: Wobi Sobi

Go ahead girl!  Love it! Love the shoes, love the shades, love the dress!

Her outfit pictures, her beautiful face and sweet heart, just make me smile every time I visit her blog.  Most of the time Anne’s outfits includes something she has made or retrofitted in some way.  Anne is really gifted in writing her tutorials that makes everything sound so easy.

You guys probably already know this if you’ve been reading my blog for awhile that no one has inspired me more than  “Sweet Paul”.  Paul is insanely creative and is the only person I know that can make a brussel sprout look like a work of art and make my mouth water and I detest brussel sprouts:


Brussel Sprouts, Sweet Paul

I just adore Paul and and if you have never visited his blog and beautiful magazine:


Sweet Paul Magazine

Source: Sweet Paul Magazine

run as fast as you can because Paul is truly an amazing gifted artist when it comes to styling a photo and his recipes and crafts and will blow you away.  Several weeks ago, I had the chance to go to NYC to meet and learn from Sweet Paul and I blogged about my amazing experience here.

Here are some of my favorite Sweet Paul goodies:


I can’t wait to make Paul’s recipe for caprese tarts that look so amazing:


sweet paul, caprese tarts

Source: Sweet Paul


Paul’s yogurt, honey and berry breakfast looks so beautiful and yummy:

Yogurt, honey and berries, Sweet Paul


Paul has so many wonderful recipes, craft ideas and unique projects and you can look through his archives on his blog or you can check out his boards on Pinterest here where he posts images/links to most of his projects.


Next up is the super talented Elizabeth of The Mustard Ceiling:

The Mustard Ceiling



 I first stumbled upon Elizabeth when she shared a gorgeous project using my tutorial for screenless screen print painting.  I have to say it is so fun for me to see someone use a tutorial that I shared.  It makes me feel like we’ve cyber crafted together!   I don’t think I have missed one of Elizabeth’s posts from that day on!

Here are the pictures from Elizabeth’s screenless screen printing project, it turned out so gorgeous:


Source: The Mustard Ceiling


Chair, The Mustard Ceiling

Source: The Mustard Ceiling


The Mustard Ceiling

Source: The Mustard Ceiling


Elizabeth has one of the best eyes for design that I have seen in blogland. If you are looking for design inspiration and great tutorials, her blog and her Pinterest Boards here will give you more decorating ideas than imaginable.

For my favorite craft fix and other home decor tutorials, I love to check in with Stephanie Lynne at the awesome blog Under the Table Dreaming:


Under the Table Dreaming Blog

Source: Under The Table Dreaming


I don’t know how Stephanie Lynn does it but several times a week she posts incredible project ideas and tutorials like these two projects:


Monogrammed pillow

Source: Under The Table Dreaming


Mirror lamp tutorial

Source: Under the Table Dreaming

I also always check in with Laurie over at Tip Junkie:


Tip Junkie,

and the sweet Jen at Tatortots and Jello for crafts and other fun stuff:



These three blogs, Under the Table Dreaming, Tip Junkie and Tatortots & Jello are not only amazing craft and DIY blogs but they feature other bloggers on a regular basis, so they are a fantastic resource for finding new blogs and awesome projects in one place.

Another one of my favorite bloggers is Donna at Funky Junk Interiors:


Funky Junk Interiors, Funky Junk Blog

Source: Funky Junk Interiors


Donna’s blog was one of the first blogs I followed several years ago and I rarely miss one of her posts.  You will not believe how creative and outside the box she is with her fun with her unique industrial chic style.  Donna is such a gifted blogger not only with her creative projects but in her writing.  I have never seen such an encouraging and uplifting blogger and many of her posts are about following your passions and encouraging creativity. Love that girl!

I thought I would close by sharing some of my favorite blogs that I have recently come across and look forward to following.  Maybe one or all of these blogs will peak your interest as well:

I just recently found Julie at the gorgeous blog EAB Designs:


EAB Designs

Source: P.S. I Made This


I cannot believe that I have just now found the fabulous Erica Domesek’s blog P.S. I Made this.  You guys probably already know about this blog already:


P.S. I made This

Source: The Italian Dish


Erica’s blog is beyond amazing!  I cannot even explain how cool and different her blogging and creative style is.  Also, look for Erica this June as a judge on the upcoming Craft Wars with host Tori Spelling on the TLC.  How fun is that show going to be to watch!

I have another new favorite food blog called The Italian Dish:




Again, The Italian Dish is another amazing blog that I could never begin to describe.  The photography and recipes will hook you immediately.

I could go on and on listing all of my favorite sites in blogland but this is why I decided to start Friday Favorites.  So many incredible blogs full of eye candy and amazingness that I simply cannot fit into one post.   I hope you will venture more into blogland if you don’t already and these blogs are the perfect place to start!

Have a wonderful weekend friends!





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  1. amanda eck says:

    What a sweet surprise to be included in this wonderful roundup of talented ladies! Thank you so much!

  2. Maggie says:

    Thanks for sharing these wonderful sites. I will be checking them out over the weekend 🙂 Maggie xx

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