Two Layer Mini Cupcakes…


This last weekend, I was given a box of the most beautiful {and tastiest} macaroons that I have ever seen that came from Kee’s Chocolates in New York City.  It inspired me to make these two layer mini cupcakes.



Not knowing what I was receiving in the little box, I was in complete awe when I opened it. So absolutely beautiful. I can see why Kee’s packages their treats in small jewelry boxes as these treats were truly jewels to behold.

My first thought was that these were super tiny mini cupcakes. But as I took a closer look, I realized they were not mini cupcakes, but gorgeous macaroons like I have never seen done before. Knowing how difficult it is to make macaroons, I appreciated these yummy jewels even more. But I couldn’t help but wonder {knowing that I could never make a macaroon}, how would it work with mini cupcakes? Why not slice them in half and frost it like a macaroon? Or better yet, like a mini two-layer cupcake? I had visions of two-layered red velvet or lemon blossom mini cupcakes.

So today, I thought I better do a trial run with just regular cake mix and ready made frosting, just to see how they would work before I moved on to red velvet or lemon blossom.  I thought they turned out fun and they were really easy to make:



I think these cupcakes would be great for a party  It’s always so challenging to gracefully eat a frosted cupcake.  This solves the problem since the frosting is simply contained in the middle.  My 7-year-old devoured two of them when she came home from school today and it’s the first time that she ate the whole cupcake and didn’t just lick off the frosting and walk away, like most 7-year-old’s do.

These cupcakes are so easy to make with a few little adjustments that I learned today:

1) You can use any of your regular cake or cupcake recipes but you’ll have to spray the mini cupcake/muffin pans with a cooking spray to keep the cupcakes from sticking.  I used Wilton Cake “Bake Easy”  spray made for non-stick cake baking.

2) I found that it worked best to fill the wells of my pans just shy of 2/3rds full.

3) I tested temperatures with my oven and 325 degrees for 16 minutes was absolutely perfect.

4) After the cupcakes have cooled 15 minutes, pop them out onto a wire rack and let cool for at least 45 minutes to an hour.

5) With the sharpest and smallest non serrated, slowly slice your cupcakes in half right at the line for the muffin top:


6) Pipe your frosting to your desired thickness around the edges and center of the bottom layer. You can use a ziploc bag cut to pipe if you do not have a frosting bag.


7) Take your top layer and push and twist. Keep gently twisting while holding top and bottom layers to get that full layer look.

8) I put just a small amount of frosting at the top for decoration.




Well it’s not quite like the same presentation of Kee’s macaroons, but they fit perfectly in the little jewelry box and would be a fun way to give these little treats for a sweet little gift:



If you’re interested in making these treats, I have two cake recipes, a yummy red velvet cake here and a lemon blossom cake here, that I previously posted that I think would be fantastic and fun made into two layers.

I have several projects that I have finished and are almost ready for posting.  On Friday, I will be sharing my experience in New York City last weekend at Paul Lowe’s {Sweet Paul} workshop which including watching and learning during a photo shoot for his upcoming summer issue of Sweet Paul Magazine.  It was an amazing day!

Have a great rest of the week friends!




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10 Responses to Two Layer Mini Cupcakes…

  1. louise says:

    This is fantastic! I love this idea! Thanks for sharing. I’m going to have to try to this!

  2. great idea and they are so pretty too!

  3. These are just adorable and easy to do! I could gobble them all up! I love the idea to box a few up as a gift also. 🙂

  4. Jamylle says:

    I think this is a great idea! Thanks so much for sharing. My mom is planning to make them for my daughter’s first birthday.

  5. Rania says:

    What a wonderful post and idea ! 🙂

  6. Rania says:

    Just wanted to let you know that I just tried them as well and they are simple wonderful and delicious ! Thank you so much for the inspiration ! 🙂

    • Cyndy says:

      Hi Rania!
      Oh I’m thrilled that you liked them! They are so fun and so easy! Thank you so much for stopping by and posting your comments! Cheers! Cyndy

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