Adorned Frames and Candle Holders…

Frames adorned with unlikely objects


Frame closeup with flowers


multiple frames

Have you seen the beautiful flower adorned frames and candle holders out in the stores yet? I have just started seeing them at some of the higher end stores like Neiman’s and Anthropologie and I just love them but yikes, they are pretty pricey. In fact, I just saw one  for $225.00.  Wow!

If you take a really close look at these frames and candle holders in the stores, they are adorned with clusters of various types of flowers, either made with painted metal or painted clay. The flower clusters are sort of stacked on top or underneath each other.  So fun!  Ironically, metal flower napkin holders and floral clay and metal pins/brooches are also really popular right now and armed with a pair of metal snips or wire cutters, we can easily make our own beautifully adorned frames and candle holders for a lot less!

Some of the best objects for adornment are metal napkin rings that have flowers attached, old inexpensive pins/brooches found in antique stores, or pendants found in your local craft store that are sold in the jewelry making supplies. Shells and other painted metal objects are also perfect too!  If you do not have a good pair of wire cutters, check out the inside of your pliers to see if it has a cutter/snip.

Here are some of the objects that I found for my frame and candle holder: A $3.99 metal napkin ring from World Market:




A $3.00 vintage pin and earring set from a local antique store:



A $2.99 pendant from Michael’s (jewelry supply section):



Before I bought each object, I double checked the back just to make sure it was designed in a way that I could easily snip the object off its backing.  Pendants are the easiest and require no cutting.  For my napkin ring, we just cut right at the base of where it attached to the ring. For pins/brooches, I either used a pair of pliers and twisted off the pin backing or I cut the pin off with wire cutters.

You can use basically any size or style of frame or candle holder that you would like for this project. To get started attaching the adornment, you will need to decide on your layout. I took pictures of some various layouts on my frame (without attaching) to give you some ideas of the different ways to design your adornment: You can add clusters of flowers together on the top or bottom corners:





Or, you can keep it simple and add one object:




For a whimsical look, you can add a larger object(s).  This is a rusted flower garden stake that I hijacked borrowed from my neighbor’s yard.   I cut the flower off of the stake.  I added a vintage pin to the center (I hope they don’t want it back):




There are so many possible layouts/designs and you can use virtually any kind of object that your heart desires! To securely attach objects/adornment permanently to either wood or glass, I use a combination of both a hot glue gun and E6000 glue:



**For adding adornment to glass, you will need to clean the glass with alcohol and let dry 15 minutes before attaching adornment.

Once you have decided on your layout, put your object(s) on your frame or glass precisely where you want it:



Next, take a close look at each object and where on the back that it touches the wood/glass so you know exactly where to place your glue.  For objects that have round backs that touch the wood/glass, I put a small amount of E6000 in the middle of the back of the object and then I add dots of hot glue around the E6000 (but do not mix or allow glues to touch).  For other objects, add E6000 to one spot and hot glue to another spot:

{notice the glue below right under the leaf}:



The reason I use two glues is that it takes 12-24 hours for E6000 to completely set.  The hot glue holds objects in place instantly while the E6000 sets. It will take a full 24 hours for the glue to fully dry.


Frames adorned with unlikely objects



Again, there are so many possibilities when it comes to adding adornment.  This would be a  great project for a girl’s craft night because it’s not to time consuming, anyone can do this and everyone can add suggestions for layout and designs.

Well friends, I have a lot of projects almost ready for posting.  Have a wonderful week and I will be back shortly with another project!



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20 Responses to Adorned Frames and Candle Holders…

  1. These are beautiful! Thank for showing how to do this!

  2. Nancy says:


    I Love these! I have many unfinished frames, and the one here is the look I am wanting to do on my frames. Did you paint this frame?

    Thanks for sharing, I am going to do this on some Candle holders.


    • Cyndy says:

      Hi Nancy!

      I bought the frame as it is at World Market. If you have unfinished frames and want the same look, I would do a very light wipe stain maybe in a pecan or a grayish color wood stain and then do a quick white wash. I like to dip the corner of my rag in white paint and then dip the paint corner in water and wipe. I think you could get a similar look. I would love to see some pics if you decide to do it.

      Thank you Nancy!!

  3. Maria says:

    How beautiful! I find myself buying new picture frames all the time, I just love having memories captured in photos all around the house! Love love love your frames!

  4. Cute cute cute – these look terrific!

  5. sheri says:

    i love them. thanks for sharing – I’m definitely making them. loving your ideas.

  6. Sheree Cloyd says:

    Loved the “how to” Cyndy! Just beautiful!

  7. Kathleen says:

    Your frames are beautiful….I can’t wait to make one. They would make really nice gifts!

  8. Jennifer says:

    Ooh these look like they could have stepped out of the pages of anthro & much more reasonably priced! So pretty and smart idea to use napkin rings and brooches.

  9. Elisa says:

    What a great idea – this would be fabulous on furniture too! On drawer fronts etc.

  10. Jane says:

    E6000 is one of man’s greatest inventions! Cute little frames you’ve done here.

  11. Morena says:

    I love this idea!

  12. Nancy says:

    These are stunning. I have a lot of old brouches and never knew what to do with them. I almost threw them out…….now I can use them……thanks for the great idea!

  13. VickiGene says:

    I have my grandmother’s costume jewelry. Most of it is tres tacky and the metal coating is worn off and stones are missing. Even if I could make this jewelry look better, I still cannot imagine using it to decorate frames and candles in my home. Please so how you’ve used your creations in your home. Certainly not on your foyer table!

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