Blogaversary and a Gift for You…

There are several milestones this week at The Creativity Exchange. Two years ago this week, I launched The Exchange and started blogging. It really is hard for me to believe that it’s already been two years. It’s so true what they say, time flies when you’re having fun and doing what you love! I have truly loved every minute of blogging and the best part has been getting to know all of you {group hug}!

My blog has been my little cocoon of joy these last two years. I cannot thank you all enough for your kind words, support, encouragement and just stopping by to take a moment every now and then to visit. It has been such a joy! It really warms my heart when someone sends me an email out of the clear blue, or stops me in town and tells me that they have made something from the blog. It’s so cool to me and I feel like we are basically crafting and decorating together in this unique way!

Ironically, this post is my 100th blog post to publish. How strange is it that these two milestones so perfectly collided?

For two years now, the words “Live the Life you Love” have been my daily mantra. It’s really pretty simplified words of wisdom. These words just really resonate with me because whenever I’m not sure what to do, what direction to go or how to handle something, I simply remind myself, just “live the life you love”. Funny, how things become crystal clear when you ask yourself if you really love something.

Coinciding with these words, I have made some big changes in my life and I have slowly worked to edit out and de-clutter all the things in my life that I do not love, making room for the things I am passionate about. I no longer say yes to things because I feel pressured or take on more than I can handle. I have a lot more work to do and will probably have this goal for the rest of my life but long story short, I sure am happier because I choose wisely now of my time and my family is happier too.

So, I wanted to give you a gift today. I have been slowly learning about creating my own printables and I couldn’t think of anything better to give you than these words (click below picture for the page to print the printable):

Live the Life Printable

I designed the words for a 5 x 7 frame so when you print it out, it will look a little off center (you will need to cut it out to fit the frame). If you want, you can make it for yourself or make one for someone else put in a pretty frame and give to someone for Valentine’s Day. I used thick white card stock to print it on for a more finished look:

You can also cut to fit the top of a blank folding note card and attach with double sided tape. This would be a beautiful Valentine or a note for someone you may want to encourage:

I hope you like the little printable.

Well friends, I have slowed down on the organizing and I’m getting back to some fun decor projects. I am about to start a big revamp for our guest bathroom and hope to have the project posted maybe by next week. I am doing a really a really unique wall treatment that I have my fingers crossed will work out. I will share the tutorial when it’s ready.

Thank you once again for your sweet emails, comments notes and for stopping by my little cocoon!



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10 Responses to Blogaversary and a Gift for You…

  1. Teresa says:

    Thank you for 100 psts, and 2 years of precious time. I am a new follower, but spent several hours this weekend catching up. Great blog, great insight, and awesome printable! Thank you, am printing this out now to go on my desk, something I need to think of every day

  2. Congratulations! I’m nearing my 2 year blogaversary too. Time flies that’s for sure!

  3. Linda says:

    Enjoy your blogs! Thanks for the printable.

  4. Happy Blogoversary!! Congrats on two tears…I love your blog 🙂

  5. Shanee says:

    Congrats on your milestones! I have just recently become a follower and I really enjoy your blog. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Lauren says:

    Love your blog! Just found you via Pinterest. I’m your newest follower.

  7. Tracey Kooros says:

    I just started following you and I lOVE all the wonderful ideas. Thanks for sharing!

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