Five Creative Ways to Organize in 2012…

I know we are already well into the new year and I’m a little late in posting my favorite organizational tips and ideas for our 2012 “fresh start”, but as usual, I’m late for everything…

I really do try every year and use the fresh start of a new year to try and at least go through and reorganize drawers and clutter that seems to have no home.  Finding just the right storage pieces is never easy and I wanted to share some creative ways to organize with items that you may not realize can be perfect for organizing and storing.

Before I show you my tips, I have one bit of advice that has always helped me as I get started in organizing a new area. Be honest and think about how you really put stuff away.  If you’re a “tosser” like me and find yourself tossing things where they belong, you need to get organized with bins and larger containers that can hold stuff.  If you’re a dainty put it away kind of person (I’m jealous), then you will do better smaller storage pieces that you can separate and neatly organize and store.  Knowing and owning the way you put things away is the biggest step in choosing the right storage pieces and sticking with it.  Tossers can never be dainty put away-ers and put away-ers can never be tossers… Just sayin…

Ok, so here are some super easy and creative ways to organize your stuff..

My all time favorite creative storage piece was discovered during my laundry/craft room revamp that I posted last year:

The storage piece is a fabric covered tool caddy sold at Lowe’s:

This tool caddy is absolutely perfect for storing virtually anything. I now have several of them throughout my home and I use them to organize my painting supplies, craft supplies and tools. You will not believe how much stuff you can neatly store in it. Sears is carrying a smaller version of this tool caddy for $9.99 (in the tool section) that is also perfect for any type of storage.

By the way, if you missed my laundy/craft room revamp post last year, I shared several creative organizational solutions that you may be interested in including a makeshift gift wrap area and cool bins that you can find at Lowe’s. You can find that post here.

Another great item for store things are garden pots. This is especially great for you “tossers” like me!

Garden pots are inexpensive, hold a lot stuff and look gorgeous in any decor and you can store just about anything! Some storage uses for the garden pots are in the bathroom to store products, soaps and hair brushes.You can also roll up washcloths and store them by a sink or tub. Another great use is in the kitchen for oils, vinegar or even use one for your kitchen wooden spoons and accessories. I use one right by my sink for soaps and scrubbing pads:

Next up is the good ole plastic drawer organizer found at your favorite office supply store for about $3.00. I really get creative with these and use them for everything:

My favorite use for the cheap drawer organizer is for my makeup drawer:

The compartments in the drawer organizer are perfect for holding various sizes of lipstick, brushes, foundations and everything. The best part of it all is that a couple times a year I just remove everything and toss the plastic organizer in my dishwasher and it comes out like new!

I also use the drawer organizer for my other bathroom drawers for my skin care products and in our medicine cabinet. I use several for my smaller craft and sewing accessories, my daughter’s hair barrettes, holders and bling and this would be great for organizing jewelry as well.

Another fantastic storage piece is this fabric tool/paint organizer found at Lowe’s and Home Depot that is designed to fit over standard large buckets also sold at Lowe’s and Home Depot.  I have used this perfect storage piece for years now for my daughter’s craft supplies, markers and crayons:

I cannot think of a better way to organize all of the kids craft supplies than this bucket cover because they can just grab the bucket handle and move around the house and create. I’m heading to Lowe’s today for another one to organize all of our office supplies.

Lastly, if you have children, odds are that you have a lot of books and toys that you need to organize and store in their room or playroom. Storage solutions for kid’s rooms are so fun and easy because pretty much anything goes, especially if you play off of a color or theme. My daughter’s room has a lot of flowers and has a slight “gardening” type theme. She has more books than shelves and I wanted to find something that she could easily access but also added to the decor of her room. I searched for months for the right piece and it turns out it was hanging out in my backyard and all I had to do was clean it up and repaint it to match her colors:

Yep, it’s an old wire/metal gardening stand and it’s absolutely perfect in her room and will store up to 60 various size books if I completely filled it. Sometimes the best storage solutions are right under our noses and something we would never consider to use to get us organized.

Try and look around at unused items around your home, attic, closets (or backyard for that matter) in a new way. Just because it’s not designed to be a “storage piece”, doesn’t mean that you can’t organize with it! If you have closets or cabinets full of old home decor accessories such as urns, compotes or bowls, these are all great counter or cabinet type storage pieces and if you want, you can spray paint them if you don’t like the color. So many creative possibilities to get organized!

Do you use something creatively to organize your stuff? I would love for you to share it with us in the comment section below.

I have several more organization posts coming up in the next few weeks, so please check back. I have also started a “Organize” Board on Pinterest that you can follow here or if you’re interested, you can follow all of my Pinterest Boards here. I have a really fun project that I will be posting next that I think you will love!

As always, thank you for you comments, emails and sweet notes! I so appreciate your feedback and I can’t thank you enough!

Have a wonderful weekend friends!


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5 Responses to Five Creative Ways to Organize in 2012…

  1. Jeri Redd says:

    awesome, as always! Love your ideas!

  2. Lacey Krop says:

    I am now officially obsessed with your blog! I LOVE all of your ideas! 🙂

  3. vicki kilkenny says:

    Love the bucket idea.. Simplicity has a pattern for a 5 gallon bucket cover you can sew if you want to match your colors or make certain size pockets. I also think you could embellished the one you bought with a little ribbon or tags to make it really cute!

  4. Amber says:

    Do you have a link for the black drawer organiser? I can’t seem to find it anywhere, please and thank you!

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