Personalized T-Shirts with Sticker Letters and Screen Print Paint

If you’ve been following my blog for awhile, you probably know that I am obsessed with screen print paint (without a screen) and have posted several projects like these:

Screen Print Paint Pillows

Screen Print Paint Pillows

Over the last few months, I have discovered that you do not need a screen print screen or any special tools to use screen print paint to get a professional finish on fabric. You can create gorgeous designs on pillows, t-shirts and other fabrics with large adhesive label paper or good masking tape and screen print paint.

Screen print paint is unlike fabric paint and is much more vibrant in color, will not bleed and is the type of paint used specifically for professional finishes on fabrics. You have probably seen this picture before but just in case you haven’t, this picture really says it all:

There is no comparison between screen print paint versus fabric paint and it’s right there and easy to find in most craft stores. You can see my screen print paint and masking tape tutorial projects here.

So, I already knew that adhesive labels and good masking tape work perfectly in creating perfect lines with screen print paint, but I started wondering if store bought sticker letters would work as well. Guess what, it does! Perfectly!! No bleeding, no lines and it looks just like a professional finish personalized t-shirt:

I cannot believe how incredibly easy this project is and the possibilities are endless! This project can be done on pillows, clothing or any other fabric that you want to add words or personalize.

To get started, I went to Hobby Lobby and picked up a good selection of different sticker letters in the scrapbook aisle that I thought would look fun on t-shirts for my daughter:

I also went to Old Navy and picked up a bunch of solid color t-shirts. I got started by placing a piece of cardboard on the inside of the t-shirt and I pulled snug and taped down the t-shirt to my counter (its important to have the fabric pulled tight):

I then found some clip art in a large shape that I wanted and I printed it onto a large permanent adhesive label and cut the inside of the shape out:

I then removed the adhesive back to my cut out oval and placed on the t-shirt and did the same thing with my sticker letters:

Using one of my daughter’s little cups, I rolled with a lot of pressure over the letters and label to make sure the letters were completely attached:

I use Simply Screen Screen Print Paint that is found in the fabric paint section for $2.99. For this project, I mixed together red and yellow to make a gorgeous orange:

If you are mixing a custom color, be sure and mix more than enough because it is impossible to exactly replicate a custom mix if you run out.

With a small water color brush and a larger brush, I began brushing the paint onto the t-shirt:

I used the small brush for around the letters and the larger brush for the larger area. It is important to brush the right amount of paint onto the fabric and you have to be sure that it is pretty wet and every fiber is painted. However, you do not want it super saturated so just keep brushing paint on in layers. Pay extra special attention around each letter and be sure that the edges and little corners have paint. Don’t worry, it won’t bleed under the letters.

You can place a fan on the t-shirt to get it to start drying quickly but screen print paint takes at least 12 hours to completely dry!! It’s not like fabric paint but more like ink in that way. Even though I was so tempted, I forced myself to wait two hours before removing stickers!!

I added my pumpkin stem later and did not take a picture.

After you let the t-shirt completely dry 12-24 hours, you have to heat set it with a pressing cloth over the design with a hot iron for at least 30 seconds on every part of the design. The design looks perfect even after multiple washes, so do not worry about washing in any special way.

For my witches hat, I just searched through Google clip art and found the clip art that I wanted and pasted into Microsoft Word and made it larger. I then printed it onto my large label and cut out the inside of the label and placed on my t-shirt:

For the hot pink t-shirt, I added iron on crystals after I heat set the design after 24 hours:

Again, I cannot tell you just how easy and fun this project is and the possibilities are endless! This weekend I’m going to make a turkey one and for Christmas I have already started a fun personalized t-shirt for my daughter with a fun ornament design. I will post more pictures as I make more shirts!

As always, thank you so much for your comments, emails and notes! You all just warm my heart! Have a wonderful rest of the week and check back soon because I have one more Halloween project coming up shortly!



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4 Responses to Personalized T-Shirts with Sticker Letters and Screen Print Paint

  1. Angela Diaz says:

    I absolutely love your screen painted t-shirts! I can hardly wait to start personalizing t-shirts, pillows & more!

  2. Linda Collins says:

    This is wonderful and looks so fun to do! I can’t wait to try this for my grandkids. Could you give some tips on how you center the graphic and get the letters straight on the tshirt?

  3. Stephanie Y. says:

    I’m so excited to do it for my sons shirt.. looks so easy. Great idea, they turned out wonderful!! i love it !! cant imagine how easy screen printing is.

    Awesome post 🙂

  4. Renee N. Jurgensen says:

    I saw a t-shirt that I absolutely fell in love with for my daughter and son-in-law but no one knows where I can buy it from. I was wondering if I sent you a pic of the shirt and mailed you the T-Shirts if you could copy the one I saw. I am not crafty or else I would try it myself.

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