“The Look for Less” Game…

One of my favorite features in home decor magazines is “The Look for Less”. You know the feature where one look is super high end and the other look is very similar, but a lot less expensive. I’m always amazed {although never surprised} by the huge price differences for almost the same look and pieces.

So, I’ve made two look boards for you. One look board includes high end items from Horchow, Restoration Hardware and Layla Grayce. The other look board has very similar items from Kirklands, Home Decorators catalog and Home Depot (if you can believe that!). Take a look below and guess which board is which (no peeking!):

Look Board #1

Look Board #2

Do you think you know which board is the high end and which board is “The Look for Less”?

Look board #1 was the high end board and board #2 is less, a lot less!! Did you guess it? Was it difficult to decide?

The total cost of all the items in the high end board #1 is $8,477.00. The total cost of all the items in my “Look for Less” board (#2) is $2,651.00. Huge difference, more than 3 times the cost! Below you can see the cost of each item:

Look Board #1 (High End):

1) Chair- Layla Grayce-$878.00

2)Lamp-Layla Grayce- $242.00

3)Landscape Art-Horchow- $998.00

4)Console Table- Restoration Hardware- $1,295.00

5)Coffee Table- Restoration Hardware- $1,195.00

6)pillow-Layla Grayce- $118.00

7)Rug- Layla Grayce- $695.00

8)Sofa-Layla Grayce-$2,600.00

9)Mirror- Lighting Direct- $456.00

Look Board #2 (Look for Less):

1)Rug- Home Decorators $249.00

2)Chair- Home Decorators $399.00

3)Sofa-Home Decorators $599.00

4)Pillow- Home Depot $27.00

5)Mirror- Kirklands- $59.00″>

6)Twist Wall Art- Home Decorators- $199.00

7)Lamp- Kirklands $59.00

8)Landscape Art- Home Decorators $199.00

9)Coffee Table- Home Decorators $299.00

10)Console Table- Home Decorators $499.00

Of course there are some “quality” differences between the two boards but sometimes higher doesn’t always mean something is better. I actually prefer several of the lower cost pieces more than the higher end. I do however tend to spend a little more on pieces that will get a lot use like seating. However, it is not as important for me as much when it comes to rugs, decor accessories and accent tables because I can have the exact same look for a lot less if I just spend a little extra time looking around for a better deal.

I am running as fast as I can to my local Kirklands for that lamp and mirror! Such great deals!

I loved making the boards for the Look for Less and I’ll be doing more of them over the next few weeks! Please let me know if you guessed the boards right away or if it took you awhile.

Have a wonderful weekend friends and thank you so much for your comments, emails and notes! I appreciate your feedback so much!


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7 Responses to “The Look for Less” Game…

  1. i love home decorators, i just found them online. love this post!

  2. Simply Kelly says:

    Love this post– I love finding expensive inspiration and then finding budget friendly alternatives that looks similar.

  3. Ohhh I love this game!! and I love the room design you did – such great finds and resources!! I play this game in my house too, and talked about it on my new blog.


    p.s. you have such great ideas and projects! You are one of the first blogs I started reading that inspired me! I live in Houston, so I feel like I can relate to you in many ways!

  4. Amanda says:

    LOVE this !! what a great idea! and I just saw that Kirklands mirror at HomeGoods a couple of weeks ago. I think it was $49.99

  5. I always love these mag comparisons too! Great job on these – they both look so good!

    P.S. I think you meant to include the #2 Look Board without the dollar amounts for us to "guess". Oops! đŸ™‚

  6. The Exchange says:

    LOL!! Thank you so much! I just fixed the look board #2! Not much of a game with the answers right there. Thank you again ladies!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Great idea and love how it looks. The dead giveaway was the scale of the pieces. Looking forward to your new ones!

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