Side Table Paint Revamp-

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This is one of my favorite revamps that we did for the Studio 319 {Salon and Boutique} remodel. If you missed my posting last week, I detailed the whole remodel here. This side table paint revamp project was the first of many fun furniture revamps that we did for the big remodel and I will be posting more of the project tutorials here over the next few weeks.

I adore this table! Even though it seems like a simple side table, this transformation was pretty dramatic. When we started the revamp, the table was just a basic black accent table. I’m not sure where my friend Sharon picked it up, but I have seen similar inexpensive ones at Hobby Lobby, Pier One and Marshall’s. Because the table was solid black, you could hardly notice the beautiful pattern that was carved into the side of the table legs and along the edges of the table top. Here is the before picture:

We wanted to make the table softer and more delicate looking, almost like a vintage painted French side table and we are thrilled with the end result:

Just look at how well the carving on the piece stands out now:

The first thing we did with this revamp was to clean and very lightly sand the table. We primed the table (primer was white) and then waited two hours for the primer to dry. We then painted on one coat of a satin latex paint in a beautiful soft blue/green color and let the piece dry completely overnight. The next morning, we sanded the legs with fine grade sand paper lightly enough to take the paint sheen off and to give the piece more of a chalky look. In some strategic areas, we scuffed up and sanded an area over and over until we got down to the original black color to distress the piece.

We then used a hand sander with extra fine sand paper and lightly sanded the table top and we scuffed up just a couple of spots on the top by sanding over and over certain spots.

We then cleaned the sand dust off of the piece and lightly glazed with a antiquing glaze in black. We wiped the glaze on and off with an old t-shirt. We didn’t seal the piece but we will probably have to come back with a matte/satin polyurethane over the top since the piece is being used in a store with high traffic.

I know it sounds like a lot of work but as far as furniture revamps go, this was not as time consuming as most of them and the end result was worth the effort. Of course it helps greatly to have a hand sander to do the sanding!

Well that’s it for now and please check over the next few weeks for more of the furniture revamps that we did for the remodel. You can always subscribe to The Exchange and receive a notification of new postings via email if you want to be sure that you see the new project postings. You can subscribe to The Exchange via email by clicking here.

As always, thank you so much for your sweet comments, emails and notes! I so appreciate your feedback and loved hearing from several of you last week that you made the yummy Lemon Blossom Cake. Thank you again to my neighbor Glenda for all of her help! If you missed the recipe, you can click here for it.

Have a wonderful weekend and I’ll be back early next week with a fun project that I did on my kitchen wall!


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10 Responses to Side Table Paint Revamp-

  1. Love the color and finish! Great job!

  2. WobiSobi says:

    WOW Cyndy, such a beautiful table. but with your touch, I wouldn't expect anything different. super job!!!

  3. Vicky says:

    Nice restyle! I love the color, your newest follower stop by for a blog visit.

  4. Olive Cooper says:

    It is lovely in this blue and has great legs.

  5. Beth says:

    Super beautiful, love the detail on the legs! Turned out very well:)!

  6. The color is just beautiful & the table looks perfect in the room!

  7. Your table looks fantastic! I love the color and it goes great with your chairs!

  8. What a gorgeous job you've done! This looks beautiful!

  9. I love your piece. The color is beautiful.


  10. Delilah says:

    Beautiful! Do you know the name of the paint color you used? I love the shade of blue & it’s so hard to find!

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