Inspiration Exchange- Amazing Hand Painted Fabrics

Do you ever dream about a picture or a place that you have seen that just resonates somewhere way deep down in your creative soul? Something that seems to instantly astonish, inspire and satisfy you all in one in every design and creative way? I have seen many of these places and pictures but nothing has resonated more with me (design wise) than a posting last year on the fabulous blog Cote De Texas of The Cape Grace Hotel located in Cape Town, South Africa.

Ever since I first saw the pictures that Joni posted last year of the interior design of The Cape Grace, I cannot seem to get the visions out of my mind. I’ve dreamed about them many times and drooled over all of the incredible pictures on the hotel’s website countless times. Each time I look at the pictures, I am so inspired and blown away again and again… I finally decided that I just had to share it with you because I think you too will be inspired.

What resonated with me most about The Cape Grace is the phenomenal hand painted fabrics incorporated and created by African Sketchbook, a Cape Town design house of artists, who through pure talent and craftsmanship hand paint directly on the worlds finest fabrics. Yep, all the fabrics that you are seeing are HAND PAINTED!

I have spent hours on the African Sketchbook website going through every single picture over and over and each time I notice something new. The smallest detail that just takes my breath away. I simply cannot believe how insanely beautiful their work is. The details, the elegance, the perfection of the brush strokes and screen printing, the whimsy of it all, the artistry, ugh, major inspiration overload!! Here is just a small sample of what you will find on their website:

I can’t help but want to paint me some curtains now! Although, I’m sure it would end up being quite the mess but I’m certainly going to try!! Screen printing maybe an option on cotton for me, although I’d rather have the African Sketchbook dupioni silk handwritten curtains!

I hope you have found some inspiration here. Obviously you know that I have and cannot contain my inspirational joy. Please let me know what you think and if you want to see more, please visit the African Sketchbook website and Cote de Texas’ original inspirational posting on The Cape Grace found here. Thank you so much Joni for introducing me and inspiring me as usual!

I am so excited(and honored) to be a Creative Guest tomorrow on one of the top craft blogs on the web, Ucreate. Look for a fun tutorial that I am sharing with Ucreate readers that I have worked on for weeks. I am so proud of the outcome and I hope you will enjoy it. I will post the link tomorrow when it goes online. Thank you again Kari for asking me to be a Creative Guest.

Thank you again for you sweet emails, comments and notes! I hope you all are having a wonderful start to 2011!



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  1. hi!!! thanks so much for the shout out! those fabrics are so gorgeous – I would love to stay at that hotel one day! thanks again.


  2. These draperies are spectacular!

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