Storage Sources and Tips for Creating a Baking Cabinet

Baking cabinet organizing with free printable labels. The Creativity Exchange


Free Printable Pantry Labels hand lettered by Zuer Designs. Print on clear sticker paper

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Last Friday, Jo from Zuer Designs was here sharing over 45 of these adorable free printable hand letter labels for organizing the whole pantry and/or a baking cabinet.

Free printable pantry labels. Over 45 hand lettered labels.

I used the labels for organizing my baking cabinet, which are the images we used in Jo’s post as an example of how these labels look in action.  They are so fun!  I mentioned that I would be back today to share all of the storage pieces, sources and a few tips to maximize space.

I have a very small pantry area and years ago, I pulled out all of my baking supplies and dry goods to create a separate baking cabinet.  Moving baking supplies into its own area is a fantastic solution for creating more room in your pantry-if your pantry is small like mine.  I needed every square inch, so this has made a big impact!  It also makes things extra handy when baking and cooking.

Free Printable Pantry Labels hand lettered by Zuer Designs. Print on clear sticker paper.

Free printable pantry labels and recipe cards. The Creativity Exchange


I pulled together all the sources for (most) of the products that I used in organizing my baking cabinet and a few of my favorite things for baking in general. 🙂

Organizing a baking cabinet with free printable hand lettered labels.


As a side note, #5 and #6 listed above are free printables (recipe cards and pantry labels) that are available for free on the blog.  I’m linking to the posts below if you want to download those printables.  The rest of the items are all available on Amazon (Amazon affiliate links used).


1) Set of 4 long storage bins (10″) (I use these everywhere in my home)
2) Set of 3 ceramic bowl set with bamboo lids
3) Set of 10 OXO Pop up lids clear storage containers (obsessed with these!)
4) Set of 3 Silicone whisks in pink 
5) Free Printable Watercolor Recipes Cards
6) Free Printable Hand Lettered Pantry Labels (45 different pantry items)
7) OXO Pop up angled clear storage container
8) Set of 13 kitchen towels (the best deal and they come in other colors too!)
9) Kitchen Aid 5 Qt. Mixer in pink (comes in other fun colors too)
10) Set of 3 stainless mixing bowls with silicone handles 
11) Kitchen aid measuring cups and spoon set
12) Set of 3 OXO Pop up round clear canisters

The clear lucite recipe box that I used for our free printable watercolor recipe cards can be found on Amazon here.

Free printable recipe cards


The free printable pantry labels can be found here. Here’s a snapshot of some of the labels. A more detailed list of all 45 labels are on the label post. You just use clear sticker label paper and cut.

Free printable hand lettered pantry labels.


Also, a quick trick that I use throughout my kitchen top of the counter and in cabinets (and office for my paint brushes), is to use the round clear acrylic storage canisters (#12) without the lid as utensil holders.

Use round clear storage containers without the lids for utensil organizing.

Here are a few other fantastic products to consider if you’re creating a baking cabinet;

YouCopia Bake Stack organizer for sprinkles, frosting tips, extracts, etc… such a great piece for keeping up with all that little stuff!

Baking organizer for sprinkles, frosting tops, extracts, etc..

Pink measuring scale

Pink scale for baking.

Bakeware organizer

Bakeware organizer


Two-tiered lazy susan organizer

two tiered cabinet lazy susan

If you need to make more room in your pantry and baking cabinet will really help free up space.  In the next couple weeks, I will be sharing more pantry and special cabinet organizing that I have done with Jo’s labels.

By the way, you can see more of my favorite storage containers, items to label and beautiful decor items to help you organize in my online shop here

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7 Responses to Storage Sources and Tips for Creating a Baking Cabinet

  1. Keri says:

    This is amazing! I gotta know where did you get the little bottles that are labeled “salt”, and “baking powder” from? They are so cute

  2. Ashlee says:

    Thanks so much for sharing all of these sources! Do you happen to have a source for the adorable pig spatula? My daughter loves pigs and is really getting into baking and would love a pig spatula!!! Thanks!

  3. Mary Ruth says:

    GREAT make over on baking cabinet!
    I love being organized with my baking! How wonderful you are showing your daughter ‘how it’s done’ and keeping her interests in mind with the pig spatula! How FUN!

  4. L says:

    Came across your blog as I was looking for tags for my baking pantry. Thanks so much for sharing those and your storage as well. 🙂 Was wondering though where you got the container for the salt and baking powder? It’s really nice.

  5. shannon jones says:

    Cute Idea… I would rather cut them out of vinyl…which font is this?

  6. Tatia Randolph says:

    Not sure if this was in your printing tips but didn’t see it. We had a vinyl graphics company and learned that if you very slightly round the corners they tend to peel off less easily. For some reason squared corners catch on things and mess up more easily. As these are clear stickers it won’t ruin the look of the printed label either.

  7. Lynette Parker says:

    Love all your storage containers

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