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Well, here we are friends… Right smack in the middle of the Fa-La-LAAAAAHHHHH!!! Yep, it’s crazy and right about now you’re probably trying to figure out what to give teachers, co-worker’s, neighbors and kids, right? Yep, me too!

I have a few gift suggestions for you that are creative and inexpensive. It really does take a village when it comes to the people that help us raise our daughter (and me for that matter), thanking them with a little holiday cheer is the least that I can do. I can’t afford to go all out because like I said, it takes a village and there are so many special people that we want to thank. With a little creativity {and cellophane}, we can spread the holiday joy a little bit more!

So let’s start out with our amazing teachers! I think that I have FINALLY cracked the teacher gift code! I think this is something that is sure to make them VERY happy! It’s not all that fancy, but I can’t help but think that it will make them smile. If it were me, I would go so far as to rip them out of someone’s hands for them! They are….



Like I said, they are not all that glamorous but WHO doesn’t love Oreo’s?? And not just any Oreos but WINTER holiday Oreo’s! Oh yea!! If you can get your hands on the very limited edition Candy Cane Oreo’s, even better!! But wait, I can’t just give them a package of Oreo’s by themselves, although, I think they would still take them.  I wanted to package them up a tad without spending a lot of money, so I ran to Target and picked up the CUTEST turquoise snowflake melamine plates and bowls (plates are $2.99 and bowls are $2.49).  I simply turned the bowl upside down and glued the plate onto the bowl and made fun cookie/cake stands:



I also picked up these gorgeous modern and bright melamine plates from Target as well and made several stands:


This santa plate is from Walmart ($1.50) and I had to buy the red matching bowl at Target:


Back during Easter 2010, I posted a really easy tutorial for making these fun and inexpensive cookie/cakes stands out of plates and bowls.  You do this with glass plates too! You will find the tutorial here.

This little cake stand when finished cost only $5.50 and it is so fun and I’m sure teacher’s and friend’s will find good uses for it during the holidays! These stands are great for giving your baked goodies as well!

To finish off the gift, I added a package of Oreos and several packets of hot cocoa:



I then wrapped the whole stand and cookies in cellophane and attached a monogram ornament (using rhinestone sticker letters) and garland:



For the monogrammed ornament tutorial from last week, you will find it here.

This fun Oreo teacher gift is under $10.00 when all was said and done (more like $8.00). If you don’t want to make the cookie/cake stand, you can always just do the same thing but just on the melamine plate:


For other gifts, I am also just using one of the fun melamine bowls and I filled it with a bag of chocolate and wrapped it in cellophane. I was also thinking about using some of the yummy trail mixes that Target sells. I am obsessed with the Ghiradelli Pepperment Bark Chocolate Squares ($2.50) that they have special for the holidays. They are out of this world and honestly, there is really nothing better out there!




I also found several other great gift items from Target that are inexpensive and great for just about anyone including this stationary set for $6.00! They are so fun and modern and bright:


I just wrapped some pink tulle and added a dragonfly ornament that I picked up from the Dollar Store.

I fell in LOVE with this massive large tote made by Scout that I found at Big Lots for $8.00! I bought five of them!! I always love to give these big tote bags during the holidays because you can never have enough and they are always such fun and trendy patterns and colors:

I’ve seen these bags at both Big Lots and Tuesday Mornings if you’re interested. You know they are that recycled fabric that feels like it’s water resistant? I always roll them up with cellophane and tie off the ends with a bows and and give as gifts to friends. I also save a couple to open up and use as large gift bags filled with goodies for family members and use a scarf to tie as a bow.

For smaller quick gifts, I have discovered this incredible Stephen’s Pumpkin Spice Hot Cocoa ($2.50) at Walmart. It is so amazing and I cannot believe how inexpensive it is compared to it’s yumminess. I picked up about ten of them and will be giving them to neighbors and co-workers, probably wrapped in….{wait for it}…..  Cellophane with a fun bow and ornament.

Now let’s talk about the kids. I LOVE coming up with gifts for the kids because they are so easy and it’s so fun to shop for kids. For classroom gifts that my 7 year old daughter will give to her classmates, I really scored and found these jumbo button candies at Big Lots for $1.00!!


I’m telling you, these kids love these button candies. I loved them as a child myself, which is why I started hunting them down years ago. Nothing but PURE sugar but hey, isn’t it all? I have seen the smaller rolls of button candy at Walgreens and Walmart in the kids Birthday party supplies. Trust me, hand a kid of roll of button candy and you will receive one of the biggest smiles you can imagine!

Also for the little ones, I always give Dollar Store Christmas placemats that I personalize for them. I have done this for my daughter’s classmates since she was two years old and this is the first year that I’m not making them for her class. I think they would rather have sugar at this point (sniff). However, I still made one for my big girl and I also made a couple for some of our little friends this year:


I just used the fun glitter letters that I found at Hobby Lobby in the scrapbook section. This is the first year that I have used sticker letters. Normally I just use a sharpie and print their names. I always wrapped them with red tulle and added an fun ornament to the bow.

If you’re looking for a gift to give a 5-13 year-old girl, run to Target as fast as you can and pick up this adorable blinged out top ($14.99)! I promise you, if they are girly, they will go crazy for it:


I picked up a couple of these fabulous tops in various colors and rolled them up in cellophane and tied the ends and attached two fun flower barrettes on each end that I found at Hobby Lobby:


If you’re looking for other children’s gift ideas, one of the most wonderful gifts that you can give a child is this incredible book called “The Boy who Changed the World” by Andy Andrews:


Girl or boy, this is a such an encouraging message that every child needs to hear over and over! Andy’s story shows children in such a wonderful way that every action, however big or small, can have a ripple effect around the world and how everything we do really does matter. You can order the book online here at Andy’s website. By the way, for adults, you cannot go wrong with giving a book or a set  from Andy.  He is such a gifted and inspiring writer and speaker. Andy has an incredible story about believing in yourself and how everything we do (young and old) really does matter! You can learn more about Andy and his story from his website here.

For some of our daughter’s best little neighborhood girlfriend’s, I placed Andy’s book, some button candy and fun bling jewelry into this adorable vinyl gift bag that I also found in the dollar section at Target and attached some hot pink mittens to match:



****Updated*** If you’re looking for more creative gift ideas, you can see my 2012 creative handmade holidays post for more ideas here.

I hope that one of these gift ideas and suggestions will help you as you try to get to the bottom of your gift giving list. I’m off to do more wrapping and checking things off my list. Enjoy the rest of the week friends and hopefully you’ll stop for a minute or two and do something special for yourself too!


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32 Responses to Creative Gifts for Teachers, Friends and Kids…

  1. Lisa says:

    I just saw those plates at Target today, great job on putting that together!

  2. I love your gift suggestions because they are all so cute, practical and well priced! I appreciate the time and effort you put into wrapping them, too. Who wouldn’t want to be on your Christmas list?

  3. Crystal says:

    Wow! Just wow. I have an overwhelming urge to make my own cake stand now.

  4. Abbey says:

    Found you through Pinterest Your blog is so pretty 🙂 Two of my favorite colors: navy blue and pink. I love it. Newest follower 🙂

  5. Danis says:

    Found you on pinterest too! Love this idea! Just made the cake stands with the exact same plates I found at Target. Such an easy gift! Thanks for all your great ideas! Love your blog!

  6. Great gift ideas! Thank for sharing.

    ~Mrs. Delightful

  7. Candice says:

    Hey- just found this on pinterest. Such great ideas. I will definitely use some of them this year!

  8. Sarah says:

    picked up those same melamine bowls and plates from Target right after Christmas last year for half-off! just something to keep in mind this holiday season, you can stock up after the fact in preparation for next year’s holiday season and end up spending less than half of what you would otherwise 🙂 Thanks for the idea of putting the plate & bowl together to make a cake/cookie stand – love it!

  9. Jen says:

    I love the cake plates! Just a thought, if you took 2 plates and glued them back to back and then glued the bowl to the middle of one of them you could use it as a cake plate with the bowl on the bottom – OR – you could flip it over and use it as a crackers and dip platter because the second plate would provide the lip to keep the crackers on. I love dual use things! 🙂

  10. Jacquelyn says:

    Oh my goodness…my head is spinning! Can’t wait to get started on gifts for this Christmas. I always have the hardest time with teacher gifts (as I have 5 children, with LOTS of teachers) every year, but you have made it super easy and affordable!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

  11. Amanda says:

    I LOVE this idea….will definitely be doing this for the holidays! What type of glue did you use to stick the plates and bowls together securely? Thanks for sharing a great idea!

  12. Karen says:

    I had the same question as Amanda, love the look, but what kind of glue will hold these together? Super glue?

  13. Kari says:

    This is amazing! I just found you via Pinterest and I will totally use these ideas! I am sharing this with my blog readers on my FB fan page!!

  14. Patti Zielinski says:

    So excited!! Picked up my plates and bowls today at Target…..less than $2 each. Can’t wait to put these together for the teachers, but my question is this….what type of glue did you use to secure the plate to the “stand”? Was thinking hot glue but I’m not sure it will be strong enough. Got the oreos too, the last step will be to make peanut clusters!!

  15. sheila smith says:

    love oreos! what a great idea!

  16. Melissa says:

    These are the PERFECT quick, cheap and easy teacher gifts for my kids’ teachers this year. Thank you so much for the idea of making a cake or cookie plate from an upside down bowl and regular plate, genius! I think I’ll add a matching coffee cup and hot chocolate package to them to fill them out a bit. Thanks!

  17. Melissa says:

    I found this on pinterest yesterday; so I headed to Target, bought some plates and bowls, glued them together this morning and Voila, perfect hostess trays for my various Thanksgiving celebrations! (This big, long run-on sentence is meant to mimic my excitement!) Thank you! Thank you!

  18. furpurr says:

    ADORE the gifting ideas; the trays are cute! One could even wrap them without attaching, so the gift-receiver would have a matching tray & bowl for use the next year; if wrapped tightly enough, i should think they would not slide apart?
    Pet Peeve Alert: “neighbors & friends” should not have an apostrophe before the S, as they indicate “more than one neighbor & friend”, rather than indicating something belonging to the neighbors & friends. {Have been seeing this occur more & more over the past…3?…years…& it really does drive me nuts. *ha ha*}
    Liked this page so much, I am getting ready to check out your other gifting ideas! So cool!! 😎

  19. carrie says:

    Where do you get cellophane?
    Thank you for all the ideas!!!

  20. carrie says:

    Where do you get cellophane?
    Thank you for all the ideas!!! Awesome gifts!

  21. patty says:

    such cute ideas. so what did you write the dates with on the place mat? i want to do that this year. so cute.

  22. Kayla says:

    What a great idea! I am definitely going to make a few of these this year! I am also wondering though, what kind of glue did you use? Please let me know! && keep up the great work! I love your blog! 🙂

  23. Trish says:

    Loved all your gift ideas will be using some of the especially the plates.

  24. Combining those bowls and plates into mini cake stands worked so well, they are adorably cute!

  25. janie says:

    I made these plates with the bowl base last year and everyone loved them…was lucky to get Christmas plates and bowls at 50 per cent off!!!

  26. Deni says:

    Oh what wonderful ideas!
    thank you!

  27. jackie says:

    What wonderful ideas! And the price points are great too. I consider myself a crafty person but had never thought of the cake stands…awesome!! I am going to make a few of these. Thank you so much for sharing 🙂

  28. caitlin says:

    These are all so cute! What kind of glue did you use to make the stands?

  29. Karen Yott says:

    This is my first time visiting your blog. Impressive gift ideas – so creative! Thanks for the ideas!

  30. Shelly says:

    I love your gift ideas. They are simple, yet thoughtful

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