Incorporating Trends Without Being Too Trendy {Amanda Carol}

Hello Creativity Exchange friends! I’m Amanda from Amanda Carol Interiors and I am so excited to be a contributor here on The Creativity Exchange. I hope these post will inspire you and instill a passion to create a home you love.

Today I want to talk about incorporating trends into your home without being too “trendy”.

3 Trends to Incorporate ACI


Wallpaper has been making a comeback for a few years now, but I still get clients that look at me sideways when I suggest wallpaper. Im sure we have all either grown up with, or knew someone who had the hideous overly floral-grannie-fied wallpaper. Or worse—the dreaded wallpaper border! Well Im here to tell you- they’ve come a long way baby!

When I suggest wallpaper to clients today I suggest “a little goes a long way”. Try it out in a small powder bath, make a statement to your entry or what about that 5th wall- the ceiling.

Here are some excellent examples of wallpaper used to make an impact:

meredith heron entryDesigner Meredith Heron


Marjorie Johnson InteriorsMarjorie Johnson Interiors

Marcus Design

Marcus Design

Annsley InteriorsAnnsley Interiors


No, the 80’s haven’t called and asked for their brass back- because brass is back baby! But this is not necessiarly the shiny, cheap brass toilet paper holders and shower door trims of old. Today its more the warm classic brass and specifically the unlacquered brass that develops a patina over time. I encourage my clients to mix their metals. There is nothing wrong with having say brass pendants in your kitchen with a chrome faucet, brass cabinet hardware and stainless appliances.

amy meierDesigner Amy Meier

And just like with wallpaper- a little goes a long way.

brass cranesCanadian House & Home


Start off small, incorporate a brass lamp in your living room, or try a small brass side table or better yet -go raid your mothers and grandmothers storage closet and pull out those brass candlesticks. I love sourcing unique brass pieces at local vintage shops, flea markets, Etsy and Ebay. Even main stream retail stores are getting in on the brass love (Target, West Elm, etc..)

brass, wallpaer, lilacDesigner Sara Richardson via



If you are an avid blog and Pinterest reader- then your pretty familiar with Pantone’s Color of the Year. This year it happens to be Radiant Orchid- one of those colors you either love or hate. But don’t shake your head and say “no way”, Im not painting my walls to look like Barney (again here I go with the 80’s references-can we all just admit that the 80’s were not our best years?). What I love about incorporating Pantone’s colors is you do it in small doses. Why not try a pillow or two in the bedroom or the sofa? Or even a kitchen breakfast nook?

radiant orchid pop of colorBetter Homes & Gardens

how about a throw or vase for the kitchen table in the color of the year?

Ana AntunesDesigner Ana Antunes

Or go bold and add a fabulous piece of art!


radiant orchid artSource


or if its just too scary, how about nature’s nod to Pantone’s color- a fresh orchid! And don’t forget about last years color- Emerald Green. Emerald is still going strong and I think is a much easier color for people to accept into their homes. I also think that Indigo is hot right now and is everywhere.

orchid entry

Amanda Carol Interiors


So what do you think? Do you think you can embrace any or all of these trends? And I have to ask do any of you still have some 80’s wallpaper border in your home? Because I am here to shamefully admit that– I DO!!! Yes even designers have their dirty little secrets.


Amanda Carol {Inspired Design} The Creativity Exchange

As the Owner and Principal Designer of Houston based Amanda Carol Interiors, Amanda Eck believes your home’s interior should be both approachable and well- appointed.  She often asserts “Beauty is a necessity.”

With a distinct sense of style that mixes contemporary and classic design she fashions spaces that are both elegant and inviting.  Her design aesthetic is inspired by anything visual but especially fashion, architecture and art.

Amanda Carol Interiors offers a range of services from E-Design and On-Site Consultations to Full Service assistance.

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14 Responses to Incorporating Trends Without Being Too Trendy {Amanda Carol}

  1. While the new wallpapers are gorgeous, I am not going to be too quick to jump on that bandwagon. I still have nightmares about removing our 80s/90s wallpaper!! But, I do love the new brass/gold! Not sure about the color of the year. Never been a fan of purple hues.

    • Amanda Eck says:

      I can totally understand the wallpaper fear! Im sure there will be many who just can’t “go there”- especially if you’ve had bad wallpaper removal experiences. I remember my parents bought a house that had multi layers of wallpaper and then someone PAINTED over the wallpaper- it was awful!

  2. Great post Amanda!! Love all of those trends, of course.

  3. Melissa says:

    The images were inspiring and perfect examples of the trends. I get the same look when I mention wallpaper. They actually started making a comeback while I was in school about 10 years ago. I remember my design professor mentioned that we should use wallpaper in our design and I gave her the same confused look. She told me then that they were not the same wallpaper we were used to from the days of old.

    • Amanda Eck says:

      Yes i agree! A lot of the newer papers are thicker and pre-pasted making removal a bit less of a hair-pulling expense. I had some newer paper in my kitchen and when it came time to remove it came of it perfect long sheets one strip at a time. I thought the heavens had opened up a granted me a gift that day!

  4. I love how brass is coming back as a bit more rich and with more of a patina than the days of yore. I totally agree – a little goes a long way. I love a splash of trendiness to freshen up a room but after removing wallpaper for my sister in law all week, I think the “little goes a long way” can apply there as well!

  5. Amanda Eck says:

    oh no! I bet you don’t want to look at another piece of wallpaper for a very long time!! lol!!

  6. Diane says:

    Lovely photos…Brass never was out at our house! We both love it and always have. Everything goes around in ab 20 year cycles. I never wanted my home to be ‘on trend’ but that’s just me…mixing metals is also something I’ve always done. I will be glad when gray bites the dust…SO tired of photos of gray walls. Even MCM has gotten old…again! That orchid is trying to hard.

    • Diane says:

      Too hard!

    • judy says:

      I also never changed out my brass and indigo knowing that if I would bide my time, I’d be back on trend.

      Nice to know that I am now “in”. Radiant Orchid in an orchid is my idea of being on trend with that color. Even in nature one does not see that color often. Just touches! Much more and it’s overdone.

  7. Sandra says:

    The radient orchid wall art definitely makes a statement.

  8. Sarah says:

    Love the last design!.. Where can I find that mirror?!.. The one above the black table and wicker baskets…..

  9. Judy says:

    Where can I find that mirror?!.. The one above the black table and wicker baskets….

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