Favorite Etsy Finds {Friday Favorites} Guest Blogger Denise Hoepfner..

Favorite Etsy Finds {Friday Favorites} Guest Blogger Denise Hoepfner


Happy Friday friends and welcome to another Friday Favorites!!

If you’ve been following along this week, you know by now that I’m on vacation and have some awesome guest blogging help from my friends.  On Monday, my friend Jennifer shared a fabulous project tutorial for DIY jersey headbands and scarves:


DIY Jersey Headband and Scarf- Creative Gift Ideas {The Creativity Exchange}


On Wednesday, I had more guest blogging help from my friend Amy who is a Registered Dietitian and Healthy Living Spokeswoman for Brookshire Brothers Food and Pharmacy.  Amy shared a list of 13 things we can do for healthier 2013:

Guest Blogger Amy McLeod

Guest Blogger Amy McLeod


Next up is my friend Denise Hoepfner, who is tackling Friday Favorites this week for us!  Denise is the Features Editor for Lufkin Daily News and Managing Editor of Charm Magazine.  Denise is also a gifted writer and every other month, she amazingly manages to pack Charm Magazine full of great content, creative ideas and articles.


Denise Hoepfner Lufkin Daily News-Charm Magazine


Without Denise and her encouragement, I know for certain I would have never started blogging.  Three years ago, Denise was the only person that I knew that had blogged.  She  encouraged me to jump in and her continuous support over the last 3 years, has meant so much to me in so many ways.  I am thrilled that Denise is here today to share her favorite Etsy Finds!

So take it away Denise…

Thanks, Cyndy, for giving me the chance to share your beautiful blog for a day!

Cyndy is always going on and on about how I was one of her biggest supporters from the beginning. But, as someone who isn’t particularly crafty, I like to surround myself with friends who are, hoping their creativity will seep into me by osmosis. It hasn’t worked yet, but what has happened is I’ve developed an eye and a lust (am I allowed to say “lust” on this blog?) for things that are handmade and different.

This lust is what led to my new love affair with Etsy. I’ve known about Etsy for a while. I guess you could say we’ve been on a first name basis. But, I’ve been playing hard to get. Oh, I’d browse around here and there, but I wouldn’t commit to a relationship.

That all changed a few months ago when I received a baby shower invitation. I bought a gift from the registry, but I wanted to add something special to it. I knew the husband was a diehard Aggie fan, so I put aside my Texas Longhorn loyalty, logged onto Etsy and typed in “Texas A&M.” Plenty of cute things came up, but I decided to go with these booties from the Etsy shop Adorably Hooked:


Image via Adorably Hooked {Etsy Shop}

Image via Adorably Hooked {Etsy Shop}


The booties were adorable and a big hit at the shower. It was the perfect first time experience and I was hooked. Since then, I’ve added “circles” and “favorites” to my Etsy account, hoping I someday win the lottery and can buy everything my heart desires. Until then, I thought I would share some of my favorite shops with all of you.

Pipers Crossing specializes in bags and backpacks that are interesting and affordable. Her styles include bohemian, gypsy and Victorian, with modern styles thrown in as well. I have my eye on this little number, among others:


Image via Pipers Crossing

Image via Pipers Crossing


The Rusted Key  sells beautiful handmade jewelry made from recycled “forgotten” items. I want pretty much everything in this shop, but this bracelet made from spoons and a typewriter key is especially drool-worthy. I also think it serves as a visual reminder to back up and look at something with a new perspective.

Image via The Rusted Key

Image via The Rusted Key


I first learned of artist Mae Chevrette in O Magazine. Her mixed media artwork is beautiful and every piece seems to speak to me. Along with her original canvases, she sells prints and canvas prints. This is one of my favorites:

Mae Chevrette Print {Favorite Etsy Finds} The Creativity Exchange


One of the things I’m obsessed with is vintage Pyrex. So when I found out Kitchen Kel was selling jewelry made from plates to match some of my favorite patterns, I immediately had visions of myself in a vintage apron, pearls and kitten heels serving casseroles from my Pyrex while wearing matching earrings. These Spring Blossom drop earrings in green rock my world:

Image via Kitchen Kel

Image via Kitchen Kel


Someday I will learn to make soap — right after I learn to sew, knit, crochet, make candles, and, well, you get the idea. Until that day, though, I will rely on others who know what they’re doing like BeSem Natural Scents.

I love these rich, eco-friendly cold-process soaps made with a variety of essential oils. Not only do they make my skin feel delicious, they look delicious, too. I’ve been tempted to take a bite out of them, but haven’t — yet.


image via BeSem

image via BeSem


also Vanilla Chai natural soaps:


image via BeSem

image via BeSem


I love the feel of pottery in my hands. There is something about the weight of it and the glaze finish that brings me comfort. On my “To buy” list are pieces from Dorothy Domingo Pottery .  I especially adore the Sea Mist glaze, but this mixed set looks so amazing, I might change my mind:


image via Dorothy Domingo

image via Dorothy Domingo


the Sea Mist Glaze kitty dish:


image via Dorothy Domingo

image via Dorothy Domingo


Well, there you have it — a very small sampling some of my favorites in my ever-growing Etsy addction. Thanks, Cyndy, for letting me indulge my habit! Happy Friday, everyone!

Thank you so much Denise for pulling together such a fun Friday Favorites!  I love all of your finds and I too especially love those Pyrex earrings!  What a cool idea!

Thank you once again to Jennifer, Amy and Denise for helping me out so much by jumping in this week! You guys all did such a great job!!  I will be back on Monday with a DIY project that I have been working on for several weeks now that I can’t wait to share with you!

Happy Friday friends!!



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2 Responses to Favorite Etsy Finds {Friday Favorites} Guest Blogger Denise Hoepfner..

  1. Becky Fettig says:

    I’ve been following your blog for a while now and enjoy your posts. I read where your guest blogger, Denise, helped you get started on blogging. So, I was wondering if you have ever posted of how to set up your own domain name and name of a great site design company in order to start a web site and blog? Or do you know of a book or other web site to recommend that may offer help? Any advice would be appreciated.
    Thanks again for your posts. I’m building a new home right now and your decoration and color suggestions follow my heart’s desire 🙂
    Becky Fettig

    • Cyndy says:

      Thank you Becky for your sweet note!! You know, I have never done a blogging post but I get asked all of the time. I have been thinking the last couple of months that after 3 years, maybe it’s time for a little post about how I set everything up, domain stuff and all of the other little tricks that I have learned pretty much the hard way. I think I’m gonna do one very soon Becky and thank you for your suggestion!

      By the way, yes, yes, yes- buy your domain even if you’re going to blog for a hobby!!! The best web development/ design team on the planet is Evenpar Solutions and Chena Designs (in my humble opinion), which are Tony and Lindsay. Tony and Lindsay do all of my web development and design work and have taken excellent care of me now for several years. You can get to Tony and Lindsay and the bottom of my website, they are hyperlinked.

      Thank you Becky for your kind note!!

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