Friday Favorites {Pinteresting Bloggers}

This week for Friday Favorites I wanted to share some of my favorite “Pinteresting bloggers”.  These bloggers not only have amazing blogs, but they are also some of my favorite people to follow on Pinterest.  Pinterest has turned out to be such a fantastic resource for me in finding inspiration and project ideas. Finding people to follow that inspire me in their style/taste/ideas, is key for ensuring that steady stream of images and ideas.

I have found that if I’m inspired with a blogger’s style, chances are I will be inspired by their pin collections as well. When I find a blog that I love, I always check to see if they have a link to follow on Pinterest.  If you’re not on Pinterest, you can still visit these blogger’ boards and blogs.  You can also find me on Pinterest here as well if you want to venture through some of my boards.

By the way, many bloggers pin their work/projects on their boards as well, so this is another good way to keep up with a blogger as well and an incentive to consider getting on the Pinterest bandwagon if you’re not already.

So let’s jump right into some of my favorite pinteresting bloggers;

I adore Brooke Giannetti of the gorgeous blog Velvet and Linen:


Velvet and Linen

Source: Velvet and Linen


Brooke is one of my favorite interior designers and her work is just simply breathtaking.  She shares many of her projects on her blog and Pinterest boards, not to mention that you can see find her work in almost every design magazine.

Brooke’s style is so gorgeous and elegant and if you’re not familiar with Brooke and her architect husband Steve, you will definitely want to go venture through her blog.  She is just simply amazing.

Below are just a couple images of Brooke’s home that I just love:


Velvet and Linen, Brooke Giannetti

Source: Velvet and Linen/ David Offer Homes

Velvet and Linen, Brooke Giannetti

Source: Velvet and Linen/ David Offer Homes



Velvet and Linen, Brooke Giannetti

Source: Velvet and Linen/ David Offer


Brooke’s blog and Pinterest boards are packed full of so much beautiful inspiration and ideas that its truly is such a special treat for me to see her work.

Next up is one of my favorite blogs, Shauna from the beautiful blog Perfectly Imperfect:


Perfectly Imperfect Blog

Source: Perfectly Imperfect


I love Shauna’s gorgeous style both on her blog and her Pinterest boards.  Shauna has fantastic and creative decorating ideas and she really knows how to revamp furniture.  She shares easy to follow written and video tutorials for transforming furniture with unique paint treatments.

Here are a couple of my favorite projects of Shauna’s:

I love her video tutorial for learning how to dry brush:


Dry Brush Technique

Source: Perfectly Imperfect


This is a fantastic post where Shauna explains the difference between whitewashing and dry brushing and she also shares some great tips:


Perfectly Imperfect Blog

Source: Perfectly Imperfect


If you’re interested in learning how to revamp some of your furniture pieces or if you’re looking for decorating ideas and inspiration, Shauna is a great resource!

Another one of my favorite Pinteresting Bloggers is Kate from the popular blog Centsational Girl:


Centsational Girl

Source: Centsational Girl


Of course, I think most of us faithfully follow Kate’s blog but are you following her Pins on Pinterest? If not, you should because she really has a that same great eye for design ideas and finding inspiration with each of her pins.  I also love that Kate has organized many of her own projects on one board here, so it’s easy to access her links to all of her tutorials/projects in one place.

These are two of my favorite project tutorials of Kate’s:


Green desk, Centsational Girl

Source: Centsational Girl



Table Revamp, Centsational Girl

Source: Centsational Girl



Again, you can find Kate’s blog here and you can following her Centsational Pins on Pinterest right here.

Next up is Mary from the blog Urban Farmgirl :


Urban Farm Girl

Source: Urban Farmgirl


Mary has a really eclectic and beautiful design style.  She loves the simple, vintage, yet whimsical. She shares many of her projects on her blog and her Pinterest boards found here will simply amaze you, so much inspiration.   Mary and I share the same love of architectural elements, vintage signs, fun craft ideas and unique art pieces and Mary somehow always seems to find these goodies.

Mary’s blog is also full of great ideas and inspiration.  I just LOVE this fantastic numbered cabinet that she created:


Cabinet, Urban Farm Girl

Source: Urban Farm Girl


Last, but certainly not least I wanted to share with you Michael Wurm from the beautiful blog Inspired by Charm:


Inspired by Charm Blog

Inspired By Charm


I have followed Michael’s blog for probably close to two years now and have followed his Pinterest Boards found here for quite awhile as well.  I had absolutely no clue that Michael was the most followed Pinterest user until I went to look for something on one of his Pinterest Boards and saw that he had something like 900,000.00 followers on just one of his boards!

Michael’s own projects and recipes are amazing and he has such a creative eye for design, crafts, recipes and quotes and so much more, I am not surprised at all that he is the most followed Pinterest user.  It’s like the old “E.F. Hutton” commercial {yes, I’m old}, when Michael pins, everybody else repins!  

One of my favorite projects that I love that Michael recently made is this wonderful Eat Dessert First Chalkboard Wall:


Chalkboard art, Michael Wurm, Inspired by Charm

Source: Inspired By Charm


You can see some of Michael’s other projects and recipes on his blog and Pinterest Boards.  Be sure and check him out, you will be amazed and inspired!

I have so many more favorites to share but I’ll wait to share more on some of the upcoming Friday Favorites.  Every Friday morning, I’m gonna try and keep this going and give you great sources of inspiration and project ideas.

I finally have a new project that I hope to share on Monday.  I have had some camera issues and wasn’t able to share the project I had planned this week.

Have a wonderful weekend friends!








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4 Responses to Friday Favorites {Pinteresting Bloggers}

  1. Cyndy, you are so sweet! Thank you so much for highlighting CG, what amazing company to be in! Glad you’re enjoying the pins too, adddicting right? 🙂

  2. Cyndy says:

    Glad to share you and your creativity girl! Thank you for inspiring us and yes, Pinterest is like potato chips, just need one more! Thanks Kate!

  3. what beautiful spotlights on some of my very fav pinners! well done!

  4. Brooke says:

    Thank you so much for including me in your post! I’m so honored.
    Pinterest has become my new obsession. There are so many inspiring images to see.

    Happy week.

    xo xo

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