Grain and Feed Sack Upholstery……

Let’s just jump right in…… Over the last year or so, I have been obsessed with screen print/ stamping/ embellishing on fabric like pillows, chairs, the wall, the dogs, anything….you get it…. The madness started last year when I saw the most fabulous distressed gold stamped monogrammed pillows in the Neiman’s catalog that STARTED at almost $500.00. They were not only one of the most fabulous pillows I have ever seen but they of course opened a WHOLE new world of creative possibilities for me and an inspiration smorgasbord, I must conquer!! It would be too practical to just buy the dang pillows (which would ABSOLUTELY NEVER happen at $500) when I can spend a year and countless amounts of money trying to master the technique and learn how to make them for EVER!!! (muaa-ah-ah-ah-ah)… So I digress…. I will talk more in great depth about THAT particular mission/project/obsession later…

Since I am SO easily distracted and while researching for my previous mission above, I started to stumble on this really cool trend….Decorating with old feed and grain sacks…. WOW!! I had seen feed sack pillows used over the last year but until recently, I haven’t seen them used on chairs and sofas. Who would have thought that an old feed/ grain sack could look so cool and have that wonderful touch, especially if the sacks are written in French or Italian and upholstered onto an elegant antique or modern chair… Fabulous! My kind of style, slap on something funky AND whimsical to a 100 year old chair… Or better yet, slap on something really old onto a modern chair..Oh yea…

Of course this little diversion causes my mind to wander and I think about getting a feed sack type fabric/ light colored burlap or painter’s tarp/ canvass fabric and stamping our OWN monogram, number, design or embellishment in any color, font and style we want for a world of endless possibilities… I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the above framed French feed sack and chair and the inspiration and world of possibilities that it opens for us… You can find these sacks on EBAY (they are not cheap) or maybe someone in your family may have a stack tucked away for some strange, unknown reason…

Kick this possibility around and don’t limit yourselves to just feed sacks, pull out your vintage tablecloths and antique linens too see if there any possibilities for framing, upholstering a chair or creating a fabulous pillow… You never know what’s hidden in the depths of that drawer…Please share with us what you stumble across!

I’ll teach you how to stamp your monogram onto fabric shortly when my mission is finally accomplished..


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  1. Laura M says:

    I think this is GREAT!

  2. Anonymous says:

    How do I become a follower? I am new to blogging. Laura

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is exciting Cyndy… I know you will pull it off. Samantha

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